Towns and Communities Along the C&O Canal

The C&O Canal is bordered by four Maryland counties, nine small Canal Towns, and three Heritage Areas. During your visit to the Park, venture off the towpath and explore what these unique locales have to offer.

Canal Towns:

Towns and Communities
January 30, 2018

Canal Town Spotlight: Sharpsburg, MD

History Sharpsburg has arguably one of the most colorful histories of any of our Canal Towns. In 1763, a man named Joseph Chapline founded Sharpsburg (then called Sharps Burgh) in…
Towns and Communities
May 22, 2017

Canal Town Spotlight: Brunswick, MD

History Brunswick should really be called a “Railroad Town”, but we like them, so they are a Canal Town anyway!  Unlike any of the other towns, the B&O Railroad built…
Towns and Communities
April 24, 2017

Canal Towns Spotlight: Cumberland, MD

Cumberland The C&O Canal National Historical Park ends its 184.5 mile stretch along the Potomac River in the delightful Canal Town of Cumberland, Maryland. Though Cumberland is the end point…
Towns and Communities
April 10, 2017

Canal Towns Spotlight: Harpers Ferry & Bolivar

Harpers Ferry and Bolivar Harpers Ferry and Bolivar have been an epicenter of historic activity since their founding. Today, visitors can immerse themselves in the historic fabric of these towns…
Towns and Communities
April 3, 2017

Canal Towns Spotlight: Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Shepherdstown This is our first installment of Canal Towns Spotlight which aims to show what makes the Canal Towns located along the C&O Canal National Historical Park so great. We'll…
Towns and Communities
January 13, 2017

Top Canal Town Attractions along the C&O Canal

Many Park visitors know that there are towns all along the towpath. Through-hikers and -bikers are especially fond of the local businesses that offer food, respite, bike repair, and a…