How You Can Support Towpath Resurfacing


Folks walking and biking along the 42 miles of towpath between Edwards Ferry and Lock 38 (Shepherdstown Bridge) are enjoying a whole new experience – gone are the rocks, roots, and ruts, gone the erosion and washouts, gone the deep muddy wallows. Instead, a smooth, firm resurfaced towpath carries visitors safely and trouble-free along the C&O Canal. One delighted user described the new surface as “a revelation.”

2019 marked the first year of the C&O Canal National Historical Park’s multi-year project to comprehensively resurface the 80 miles identified as in most need of rehabilitation. With 42 miles completed so far, there are still 38 miles to go. You can help keep the momentum going by making a donation to our Towpath Resurfacing Campaign.

Donate Now

You can also support the Trust’s advocacy campaign on behalf of the Park’s application for funding from the state of Maryland’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). To date, the Trust has helped the Park secure $3.25 million in TAP funding for towpath resurfacing. Sign your name in support here!

For more information about the Towpath Resurfacing project, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. 

A biker is enjoying the newly resurfaced towpath!

Your donation will help us eliminate muddy ruts and pot holes from the C&O Canal towpath.