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C&O Canal Crossword Solution

Take the C&O Canal crossword puzzle here or download a PDF.

Read on when you are ready to read the solutions.

    1. The C&O Canal is run by the ______

Answer: National Park Service

The National Park Service runs 419 units including battlefields, monuments, historical parks, parkways, scenic trails and more.

2. A National Scenic Trail that intersects with the C&O Canal (abbreviation)

Answer: AT

The Appalachian Trail or AT, is a National Scenic Trail that runs from Georgia to Maine. Harpers Ferry is considered the midpoint of the trail. The AT intersects with the C&O Canal outside of Harpers Ferry, runs for 2.6 miles along the towpath and diverges at Lock 31.

  1. Animal seen sunning on a rock

Answer: Turtle

  1. Something canal boats transported

Answer: Coal

The canal transported coal, flour, iron, and limestone products. Learn more about what the canal and railroad transported here.

  1. Where a lock keeper lived

Answer: Lockhouse

The men, women, and families that operated the locks lived in nearby lockhouses.

  1. River that runs alongside the Canal

Answer: Potomac

  1. National Historical Park that intersects with the C&O Canal

Answer: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Canal visitors can access Harpers Ferry at mile marker 60.7. Harpers Ferry NHP interprets the story of John Brown’s Raid, an unsuccessful attempt to start a slave revolt in 1859 that was a precursor to the Civil War.

  1. Transportation system that raced to be completed before the canal

Answer: Railroad

Learn more about the race between the C&O Canal and the B&O railroad here.

  1. Animals pulling canal boats walked on the ______

Answer: Towpath

Mules towed canal boats on the path next to the canal, giving it the name “towpath”.

  1. A tunnel and fruit found in the Park

Answer: Paw Paw

The Paw Paw Tunnel is located near Oldtown Maryland. Pawpaw is a native tree in the Park that produces the pawpaw fruit.

  1. Supreme Court Justice who walked to help save the canal

Answer: Douglas

Justice William O Douglas advocated for preserving the canal instead of turning it into a parkway. He walked the length of the canal with nine editors from the Washington Post.

  1. Animal used to move canal boats

Answer: Mule

Today you can meet the mules of the C&O Canal.

  1. Family that lived in Lockhouse 21

Answer: Swain

Lockhouse 21 or ‘Swains’ was rehabilitated in 2019 and is available for overnight stays. Generations of Swains lived in Lockhouse 21 for 99 years, including current C&O Canal Trust board member Bert Swain.

  1. There are 36 ______ sites along the C&O Canal

Answer: Camp

There are 31 rustics hiker-biker campsites and five drive-in campsites in the Park.

  1. Terminus of the C&O Canal

Answer: Cumberland

Although the Canal Company planned to continue on to Pittsburgh, financial troubles and the superiority of the railroad contributed to the canal ending in Cumberland. Cumberland is now a member of the Canal Town Partnership and is where the C&O Canal meets the Great Allegheny Passage.