Lockhouse 22

Lockhouse 22
End of Pennyfield Lock Rd.
Potomac, MD 20854
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Check in: 3:00pm or later

Check out: No later than 10:00am.

Guests remain responsible for leaving the house better than they found it, including removing all food and evidence thereof, sweeping the floors, cleaning and returning any house dishes back to their locations, and taking all trash with them when they leave. Cleaning supplies are provided for guest use in each house. Please see the Arrival/Departure Checklist for more details.


Towpath Mile: 19.64
Parking: Available
Price Per Night: $110
Additional Fees: One-time $20 occupancy fee for groups of 6-8 only
Time Period Depicted: 1830s-1840s
Nearest Communities: Historic Tobytown, Potomac

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Lockhouse 22

Lockhouse 22


The Potomac River is rife with obstacles that thwart water transportation. Rapids and waterfalls, products of the river’s elevation change, prompted C&O Canal visionaries to invest in a flat-level water route to run alongside the river. The idea was simple, but the construction quickly proved to be arduous. To bypass many of the geological obstacles, canal engineers devised unique structures such as aqueducts, lift bridges, incline planes, tunnels, and lift locks. These required the special skills of the stone cutters and masons whose work produced masonry marvels still appreciated today. Lockhouse 22 at Pennyfield reflects the early phase of canal construction, because of its lift lock and proximity to Dam 2 and its guard lock.

Pennyfield is exemplar of the basic types of structures (aqueducts, locks, and lock houses) built along the C&O Canal. The furnishings in Lockhouse 22 are evocative of the mid-1830s to early 1840s period.

Features & Amenities

  • Two bedrooms with two twins and two trundles each.
  • Outhouse/Portable Toilet located next to house and in Pennyfield parking lot.
Main Room:
  • Place settings for 8 guests; dishes, utensils, water glasses.
  • Cleaning supplies provided.
  • Battery operated lanterns and flashlights provided.
  • Fire ring.
  • Picnic table.
  • Firewood provided.
Water Source:
  • Water pump at Swains Lock (Lock 21) at towpath mile 16.64 (3 miles down towpath.) – Apr 15-Nov 15.
Not Included:
  • Linens and pillows NOT provided.
  • Fireplaces are NOT functional.
  • No heat.
  • No electricity.
  • No cooking indoors.

“A Thanksgiving celebration to be remembered. In these days of ever faster pace, this house remains an island of tranquility.” – The Sealanders

“Lovely dinner cooked on the fire and a beautiful sunset. Another great visit to one of Washington’s most secret treasures.” – The Davis’