Become a Volunteer Quartermaster

The C&O Canal Quarters Program is seeking new Quartermasters for Lockhouses 6, 10, 21, 22, 25, 28 and 49!

The ideal Quartermaster is someone who lives near the lockhouse, who visits this part of the Park frequently, who has good sense of home maintenance and repair skills, and is in reasonably good physical condition, and who would enjoy taking care of a historical structure in the Park and meeting the visitors who stay there. The Quartermaster’s primary responsibility is to maintain oversight of the lockhouse through frequent on-site inspections and communication with the Trust about issues that arise.

Quartermasters at each house work in teams to determine how to do what needs to be done. Typical tasks at most lockhouses much of the time include:

  • Responding to urgent on-site visitor concerns (e.g. keys that do not open the door or a power outage).
  • Inspecting lockhouse premises between guest stays. The Quartermaster will check status of utilities, furnishings, and supplies. Restock or rectify, as needed. Report issues to the Trust.
  • Make small repairs within their capacities, as needed. (Cost of supplies are covered by the Trust.)
  • Inventory supplies such as toilet paper, light bulbs, and tableware after each guest stay. Replace as needed, or report more expensive items, such as broken appliances or furniture, to the Trust. Quartermasters may submit receipts for reimbursement for lockhouse purchases.
  • Maintain the yard (mowing, string trimming), clean signs, and repaint picnic table as needed. Remove and dispose of ashes from ash pits as necessary.
  • Monitor for routine rodent and pest issues.
  • Notify the Trust if there is evidence of non-compliance with NPS or Trust lockhouse user regulations and policies.

If you are interested in applying to serve as a Quartermaster, please send an email or letter expressing your interest and qualifications to:

C&O Canal Trust
142 W. Potomac Street
Williamsport, MD 21795
[email protected]

Top Photo by Mark Regan