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Towpath Resurfacing Has Begun!

If you’re planning on heading out to hike or bike along the towpath in the next couple of weeks, you might want to try out the five-mile section between Edwards Ferry and Whites Ferry (Mile 30.8 – Mile 35.5). This is the first stretch of the towpath to undergo a complete “makeover” as part of the Park’s multiyear, 80-mile towpath resurfacing project. The towpath has been graded to facilitate water drainage, and resurfaced with the same durable material that bikers enjoy on the Great Allegheny Passage (Trail) from Pittsburgh to Cumberland.

Resurfaced Towpath between Mile 30.8 – 35.5



The Park plans to resurface a further 17 miles this year from Brunswick to Packhorse Ford, near the Shepherdstown Bridge. The project is made possible by a partnership between the National Park Service, the state of Maryland, and the C&O Canal Trust.

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