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Canal Town Spotlight: Brunswick, MD


Brunswick should really be called a “Railroad Town”, but we like them, so they are a Canal Town anyway!  Unlike any of the other towns, the B&O Railroad built Brunswick far more than the canal ever did. While the Canal came through in the 1830’s, it was the decision by the B&O Railroad in the late 1800’s, to relocate their rail yard here that truly made the City of Brunswick.  For a time, the six-mile long railroad yard at Brunswick was the largest in the world.

Brunswick was not always named Brunswick, however — this town tried out its fair share of interesting names over the years: Buffalo Wallow, Eel Pot, and Mary Peep O Day. It became Berlin during the Civil War, only to be changed to Barry because there was already a town named Berlin on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The town finally landed on the name of Brunswick because of the many rail workers who hailed from Brunswick, Germany.

The Brunswick Heritage Museum (http://brunswickmuseum.org/ ) preserves the history of this area. The second floor of the museum reflects on how the B&O railroad built this town and the history of the people who lived here. On the third floor you can find a 1700 square foot HO Scale model railroad. Starting on July 27, they will be featuring a travelling Smithsonian exhibition, “The Way We Worked” about the golden age of industry in the United States – check it out!




In celebration of how the railroad industry helped to shape this town, Brunswick hosts an annual Railroad Days festival. Held the first full weekend in October, Brunswick Railroad Days has many great activities to tempt attendees. Because it is a celebration of the railroad, the day would be incomplete without the opportunity to take a relaxing train ride. Other activities include a petting zoo, rock wall, live music, a magician and much more!

Brunswick Railroad Days

Brunswick Railroad Days

Hometown Holidays takes place annually on the second Saturday in December. In past years, this event has featured horse drawn carriage rides, crafts for children, and a children’s holiday party.With many activities that the whole family can enjoy, Hometown Holidays is sure to evoke the Christmas spirit in all of us.



Three Points Cycle is a locally-owned bike shop, helping customers get ready to enjoy their day in the beautiful natural surroundings of Brunswick. This shop is located 150 yards away from the C&O Canal and is a great stop before heading out on your own adventure in the C&O Canal National Historical Park, as well as a welcome sight to cyclists on the canal who are in need of bike repair.

Three Points Cycle - PATC-GPS-Rangers

Three Points Cycle – PATC-GPS-Rangers

Past & Present Antiques offers a variety of goods both vintage and current as the name suggests. It is always an adventure searching through antiques shops and finding what hidden treasures they have and this shop is no different.


Outdoor Activities

The C&O Canal National Historical Park offers many outdoor activities. Bikers, hikers, and paddlers alike find enjoyment around every turn. There are many recreational, historical, and natural treasures to be uncovered here, and you are sure to treasure the time you spend in this beautiful Park.

Located 3.5 miles down the towpath, you can find where the Appalachian Trail and the C&O Canal National Historical Park meet. The Appalachian Trail is quite the undertaking and a great opportunity for an outdoor adventure for those who can brave this trek. Also found along the trail is Weverton Cliffs, a popular spot near Brunswick with a beautiful view.

Weverton Cliffs - John Gensor

Weverton Cliffs – John Gensor

Heading downstream from Brunswick, you will find Lockhouse 28 located along the towpath at mile marker 49. This lockhouse stands as a reminder of the competition between the C&O Canal and the B&O Railroad. Lockhouse 28 is also part of our Canal Quarters program, allowing visitors the chance to stay overnight in this historic building. For more information on the Canal Quarters program, and to book your stay, please visit https://www.canaltrust.org/programs/canal-quarters/.



One of the best ways to describe Beans in the Belfry is beautifully unique. The comfortable decor will make you feel right at home in this one of a kind restaurant. And while you’re relaxing in one of the many cozy spaces here you can enjoy some of the best drink and food options that the town of Brunswick has to offer.

Beans in the Belfry

Beans in the Belfry

Benancio’s Southwest Grill’s exclusive Southwest menu is composed of heirloom family recipes from the kitchens of the Morales and Tarango-Zeid families, located in the Southwest region of the United States. The restaurant will be a great introduction to southwest cuisine containing a perfect blend of traditional herbs and spices such as cilantro, cumin, and green chile grown from the heart of New Mexico.


Smoketown Brewing Station has transformed Brunswick, MD’s 1948 former fire station into an on-site brewery offering a tasting room four days a week. Enjoy samples, full pints, or growlers to go in a family friendly environment with patio and tasting room seating.