Abner Cloud House and Mill

    The Abner Cloud House is one of the oldest existing structures on the Canal. Cloud built the house and a nearby mill in 1801, and it provided grain and flour to Washington, D.C. customers for nearly 70 years. He used the basement of the house to store grain and flour. Although Cloud died in 1812, the mill continued to provide an excellent quality flour called “Evermay” to Washington until it closed in 1870.

    Today, The Colonial Dames of America, Chapter III, shares the house with the Park and conducts interpretive programs. Ruins of the mill, located west of the house and once obscured by overgrown brush, have since been uncovered through the efforts of Canal Pride Days volunteers.

    The house is located on the Canal at Canal Road and Reservoir Road N.W., Washington DC, adjacent to Fletcher’s Boat House.

    Abner Cloud House and Mill is a Canal Discovery! Read a Park Ranger’s story and view other multimedia on our Canal Discovery page.

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    Abner Cloud House Credit: Lucy Uncu
    Photo by: Lucy Uncu

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