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Spend the Night in a Historic Lockhouse: The Canal Quarters Program

Lockhouse 22
Lockhouse 22

Lockhouse 22

Ever wondered what it was like to live in the past? Stay in a Canal Quarters lockhouse and find out firsthand! You’ll get a much better night’s sleep than your historic counterparts, who had to spring from their beds at all hours of the night as canal boats approached their locks.

Each of the seven lockhouses in the program have been rehabilitated and depict a different time period in the canal’s history. Authentic period furnishings add a quaint vibe, and interpretative materials that teach about the canal enrich your stay. The lockhouses all sleep up to eight people and are surrounded by the beautiful C&O Canal National Historical Park. Spend the day on the trail and your evenings around the campfire, under the stars.

Past guests have celebrated all types of occasions at the lockhouses, from birthdays to anniversaries, and holiday parties. Your group will have the lockhouse to yourself for the duration of your stay, and you can recreate in the surrounding beauty of the great outdoors.

There are three lockhouses with full amenities, including electricity, heat, A/C, running water, and full bathrooms and kitchens (Lockhouses 6, 10, and 21.) Three lockhouses are rustic, without these amenities, but with a portable toilet and water pump nearby. These lockhouses provide guests with a truly authentic historic experience (Lockhouses 22, 25, and 28). Lockhouse 49 has electricity, but no running water.

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