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In Winter There is Beauty to Be Found Along the C&O Canal

The C&O Canal National Historical Park has much to offer during the winter months to park visitors who enjoy the colder temperatures. Snow on the ground provides the opportunity for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and offers a beautiful backdrop for hiking, dog walking, bird watching, and photography. Frigid temperatures usually find folks taking to the ice for a solitary skate or a pickup game of ice hockey. Enjoy winter photos of the C&O Canal National Historical Park, courtesy of our monthly Facebook photo contest entrants.


Lock 71 near Oldtown by Michelle Arrington


Skating in Solitude by Jennifer Hearn


Chilly Day at Great Falls by Michael C. Mitchell


Portals of Historic Culvert at Whites Ferry by Paul Graunke


A Family of Deer Near Brunswick by Ed Felker


Solitary Lock by Gary Anthes


Pennyfield Lock by Graham Alloway


The Jordan Family Enjoying a Beautiful Winter Day by Judy Welles


Snowy Day in Williamsport at Cushwa Basin by Rusty Stone


Sunset at Dam 5 by Jennifer Potter


View from the Lockhouse by Bob and Sue Stine


Frigid Conditions Along the Towpath Near Lock 44 by MJ Clingan


Lone Jogger in the Snow by Carole Lewis Anderson


While ice skating is allowed in some areas of the Park, it is advisable to use extreme caution when enjoying this activity. Check out the Park’s Winter Activities page to learn more.