Little Orleans

Located near one of the most remote sections in the C&O Canal National Historical Park, Little Orleans is a haven for through cyclists, adventurous hikers and anyone who enjoys taking the scenic route to get to where they’re going. It is home to many hiker/biker campgrounds and Bill’s Place, a legendary local establishment and stopping point for anyone passing through.

Nearing the end of the Canal’s construction in the 1830s, Little Orleans was the temporary home of German and Irish workers who toiled at their physically demanding jobs in difficult conditions. Rumors of future labor reductions by the C&O Canal Company as a result of severe financial problems, combined with workers’ anger at their working and living conditions, led to some of the most intense labor rioting during the entire construction of the Canal.

Today the area is quiet, peaceful, and a wonderfully remote place to get away from it all. Whether you’re traveling by river, towpath, or the winding paved road, take some time to stop and enjoy this unique section of the Park.

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