A Washington Sketchbook by Gail Spilsbury


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A Washington Sketchbook: Drawings by Robert L. Dickinson, 1917-1918 presents rare historical sketches of Washington, DC, created by Robert Dickinson.

An avid nature lover and prolific artist, Dickinson sketched the woodsy and idyllic scenery that captured a way of life since vanished from the world’s busiest capital city.

Now, over 60 years after Dickinson’s death, Gail Spilsbury has collected his sketches and historical hiking map into A Washington Sketchbook, the publishing of which was made possible by the Trust.

“These drawings of the river, the C&O Canal, and lost as well as surviving landmarks reveal the long-hidden history of daily life along the Potomac River… They add greatly to our understanding of the once-rural areas that surrounded the nation’s capital,” says James Goode.

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