Great Falls and Mather Gorge by Roy Sewall


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Great Falls and Mather Gorge is the definitive, in-depth look at the spectacular Great Falls area on the Potomac River, including the two adjacent National Parks: Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park in Maryland and Great Falls Park in Virginia. What makes the book unique is that it concentrates on just one square mile – a half-mile wide swath along two miles of the river. This wilderness area is a diverse wonderland of river scenery, complete with rare plant life, wildlife, historic structures, world-class whitewater paddling, rock-climbing, and other recreational activities. All of this is easily accessible to people in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Whether you are a long-time visitor to Great Falls or a newcomer, the photographs, map, text, and captions will educate, surprise, and inspire you.

Residents who have become familiar with the river will appreciate the way Our Potomac honors the sights they cherish. Residents who are still learning about the river will be inspired to continue its discovery. Visitors to the area, who often expect to see mostly government buildings, monuments and suburbs, will be surprised to learn of the wild natural beauty of the river, within easy reach.

Most importantly, this book makes a gentle but compelling case for the perpetual respect and protection that our river deserves.