10 Years: Towpath Forever

One of the funding priorities of the C&O Canal Trust is Towpath Forever. This is an initiative to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism to ensure that the towpath and the Park’s historic structures are repaired and kept in good condition. Lifelong stewards are created through educational programming, recreational opportunities are enhanced, and the diverse natural resources of the Park are preserved.

Over the past 10 years, the C&O Canal Trust has raised money to support the following Towpath Forever projects:

$100,000 raised for repairs to the towpath at Anglers Breach


The C&O Canal Trust raised funds to repair the breach at Anglers, caused by 2008’s Tropical Storm Hannah, as our first major project to support the maintenance needs of the C&O Canal National Historical Park. In 2012, Contractors excavated the canal and breach area, installed drainage improvements between the Anglers Bridge and Widewater, recovered historic masonry stones to restore the stone wall, and then poured and graded the towpath material to complete the project.

This repair restored the towpath, again allowing visitors to ride or hike the entire 184.5 miles without having to bypass this damaged section.

$40,000 raised for the replacement of the bridge at Marsden Tract

marsdenThe C&O Canal Trust raised $40,000, which was matched by the National Park Service Centennial Challenge program, to replace a bridge across the canal at Marsden Tract in Montgomery County, MD.  Skilled volunteers joined staff to erect the bridge, which arrived in pieces and was assembled in place.

$75,000 raised for the upcoming rehab of Swains Lockhouse

swains-with-lockThe Trust is raising $75,000 to rehabilitate Swains Lockhouse at Lock 21 in Montgomery County, MD. The rehab is scheduled to begin in the later half of 2017, and when finished, the lockhouse will join our award-winning Canal Quarters program. Additionally, there will be space for the Canal Classrooms education program to teach K-12 students.