10 Years: Canal Pride

PrintThe Canal Pride program was created in 2008 as a way to promote volunteerism and raise awareness of the ongoing stewardship needs of the C&O Canal National Historical Park. It is one of the four Partner Programs we manage. Learn more below, or learn more about out other Partner Programs:

217 Canal Pride events held for volunteers to preserve and beautify the Park

cleaning-tavernThe C&O Canal Trust hosts a variety of Canal Pride Days each spring, which are annual public events that make up the largest volunteer events in the Park. During these events, volunteers help plant gardens and trees, rake leaves, clear limbs, spread mulch, and pull invasive plants. They also help clean and paint historic structures like the Historic Great Falls Tavern and the Mercer canal boat, and paint campground structures, picnic tables, and benches.

8,432 volunteers have participated in Canal Pride events

boy-scoutsCanal Pride is the C&O Canal Trust’s longest-running program and has hosted over 8,000 volunteers in the past ten years. This includes a variety of Eagle Scout candidates, who work with the Trust to address problem areas in the Park. Eagle Scout projects have included the repair of the Marsden Tract stairs, the installation of new fencing at the Mule Pasture, the construction of a campsite at Marsden Campground, the restoration of trails at Catoctin Aqueduct, and the construction of gun racks for the Park’s Law Enforcement Ranger Shooting Range.

24,381 hours volunteered by Canal Pride participants over the past 10 years

marriottSince the inception of the program, over 8,400 volunteers have shown their Canal Pride with maintenance, preservation, and conservation projects that help restore, revitalize, and renew the Park. This includes hundreds of volunteers who participate in Canal Pride events with their organizations and companies. We host corporate groups for clean-up days and also offer sponsorship opportunities.

$543,696 total value of Canal Pride volunteer hours

prideCanal Pride volunteers save the C&O Canal National Historical Park thousands of dollars each year by handling simple maintenance problems. This frees up Park staff to focus on more urgent preservation and conservation concerns. Their work also contributes to the overall experience and enjoyment of the Park by its nearly five million annual visitors.