10 Years: Canal Discoveries

Canal_Discov_03mCanal Discoveries is one of the four Partner Programs the C&O Canal Trust manages. Learn more about this program below, or learn more about our other Partner Programs:

48 online “discoveries” that include Ranger stories

discoveriesEnjoy the Park wherever you are with Canal Discoveries, an online feature that lets you explore more than forty hidden gems spread throughout the C&O Canal National Historical Park. The C&O Canal Trust collaborated on this website feature with the Park to provide visitors with unique, interpretive first-person descriptions from Park Rangers.

1 mobile app for the C&O Canal

Trust Logo EPS Explorer OUT rounded copyIn the spring of 2017, the C&O Canal Trust will be launching its new mobile app, C&O Canal Explorer, to help visitors tread new paths and journey to new parts of the Park. The app will be available for a $.99 download fee on both Android and iOS platforms. Learn more about the app here.

48 online “discoveries” that include Ranger stories

mapThe C&O Canal Explorer mobile app will allow users to explore an extensive database of information about the C&O Canal National Historical Park, including over 600 points of interest.  Each point is pinpointed on a map, allowing users to see the various options available to them while they explore the Park. Parking lots, picnic areas, restrooms, and water pumps are designated with icons for easy location of these amenities.

The app has geolocating services and will show you where you are on the map, based on your phone’s GPS tracking. It will also calculate your walking distance either up- or downstream to reach the nearest points of interest.

The app will also be available for download for use in the Park when cellular service is spotty.