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Canal Community Story

Canal Community Story: Zack Ayisi

Celebrate your love for the C&O Canal by sharing your personal story about the Park. Each story will take a look at a person’s relationship with the C&O Canal. Whether an NPS ranger, a volunteer, or a visitor, everyone has a story to tell about the canal! If you want to share your story, fill out the form below, email it to us at [email protected] or post it on your social media feeds with the hashtag #MyCanalStory. We could use your story here on our website!

Tell Us Your Canal Story

Zack Ayisi, TeenWorks Crew Leader and Canal Community Days Volunteer

C&O Canal Trust: What is TeenWorks?

Zack: TeenWorks is pretty much a way for teens to get involved with the community and give back and learn leadership skills while working. Now they have a volunteer process where you volunteer for 50 hours, and then you become a leader or ‘green shirt.’ This pretty much allows you to work at high schools or elementary schools, and you become a familiar face in the community.

Zack Ayisi at Great Falls by Francis Grant-Suttie

C&O Canal Trust: What exactly is your job?

Zack: So, I’m a red shirt, which is pretty much the same thing, in a way. The only difference, I guess, is honestly the pay, but I still go around and help different programs. I work at my old high school, as an outlet for kids to come relax, enjoy, and have fun with us. We are pretty much a safe space for them, and we have other red shirts at EBB (Excel Beyond the Bell), which is an enrichment program for younger kids. They have learning activities, and they have other contractors come and provide different activities such as a soccer game or fitness program.

C&O Canal Trust: How did you get involved with TeenWorks?

Zack: My senior year, I had attended a program as a culinary student. I used that to get my hours, and then after an interview, I got hired and worked for CJC. In the summer, I cleaned up the community, like weeding around libraries and other places in Montgomery County. I would really encourage other kids to get involved with TeenWorks, because it really creates different avenues for you growing up. I didn’t think when I was in high school, I would join CJC or help out in parades. I never thought I would go kayaking. It exposes you to so many different things.

C&O Canal Trust: How many times have you volunteered with the Park?

Zack: Last week, at Canal Community Days on April 23 at Great Falls was my second time at the C&O Canal.

C&O Canal Trust: What other event did you attend?

Zack: We seeded the grass around the bathrooms by Great Falls. After that, we went for a little walk, and cleaned up while we were walking.

C&O Canal Trust: What was it like volunteering this past weekend at Great Falls?

Zack: I enjoyed it. When you take care of something personally, you feel good about it because you want to see it being taken care of forever.

C&O Canal Trust: Do you visit the Park in your own time?

Zack: I would like to, but I haven’t visited on my own. I did, the first time I went, I enjoyed the view of the rapids at Great Falls near the Billy Goat Trail. I saw the falls, and I enjoyed it. I saw a couple guys kayaking! I think the Park is very beautiful, and I’ve been on hikes and stuff, but I just think that scenery was a bit different for me to see.

TeenWorks at Great Falls by Francis Grant-Suttie