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Fall Clean-ups on the Canal

This fall has been a busy time for clean-ups along the canal! The Trust has hosted several private events for corporate groups and other volunteers and each has made a big impact.

On September 26, the Trust brought a group of 18 volunteers from KPMG out to the Alexandria Aqueduct in Georgetown, where employees worked hard for several hours collecting 22 bags of trash, removing 100lbs of vegetation and pulling 18 e-scooters out of the canal. A few weeks later on October 9, the Eaton Facility held their annual Day of Caring at Dam 5 near Williamsport. They spent three hours cleaning several miles of the canal and collected 11 bags of trash. On October 26 the Trust hosted a group of seven young people from the Montgomery County Recreation Teenworks program. They spent several hours in Great Falls raking leaves from the picnic area, clearing over 75lbs of leaf litter. Finally, on November 16, 22 staff members from the REI Outdoor Team came out to Carderock and raked leaves in the day-use area. This event was part of REI’s #OptOutside initiative. The C&O Canal Trust truly appreciates all the hard-working volunteer groups that have participated in canal clean-ups this season- they’ve made a big impact!

KPMG at Alexandria Aqueduct in Georgetown, where they collected 22 bags of trash, 110lbs of garbage and 18 e-scooters!

REI Outdoor Team working to beautify Carderock.

Eaton Facility on their annual Day of Caring. They collected 11 bags of trash near Williamsport!

Montgomery County Recreation TeenWorks program helped to clear leaf litter from the picnic area at Great Falls