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Snapshots of 2017 on the C&O Canal

January getting you down? Look back at 2017 in the C&O Canal National Historical Park with each month’s photo contest winner! These photos capture the beauty of the park, which cannot be rivaled anywhere else. Next time you visit the park, make sure you bring your camera and submit a photo to our monthly contest. For more information on the contest and how to enter, visit our website.

January's Winner: "Super Moon Rising at Lock 29, Lander Lockhouse", by Stan Collyer

January’s Winner: “Super Moon Rising at Lock 29, Lander Lockhouse”, by Stan Collyer


February's Winner: "Snyders Landing", by Eric B. Reed

February’s Winner: “Snyders Landing”, by Eric B. Reed


March's Winner: "Serene Beauty at Violettes Lock", by Peter Moreno

March’s Winner: “Serene Beauty at Violettes Lock”, by Peter Moreno


April's Winner: "Harpers Ferry Dawn", by Tim Christy

April’s Winner: “Harpers Ferry Dawn”, by Tim Christy


May’s Winner: “River Ripples”, by MJ Clingan


June’s Winner: “View of Harpers Ferry”, by Randy Miller


July’s Winner: “Towpath Stroll”, by Rhonda Fink-Whitman


August’s Winner: “The Lighted Path”, by Wanda Poffenberger


September’s Winner: “Tolonoway Creek Aqueduct,” by Keld Wichmann Moeller


October’s Winner: “Moonrise over the C&O Canal”, by Daina Bolsteins


November’s Winner: “Harpers Ferry Train Bridge”, by Wanda Poffenberger


December’s Winner: “Heron Having a Think”, by Michelle Holshue