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C&O Canal Trust signs agreement to become fiscal agent of Friends of Fletchers Cove

C&O Canal Trust Board Chair Michael C. Mitchell and President Robin Zanotti have signed an agreement with the Friends of Fletchers Cove, becoming that group’s fiscal agent. As the official nonprofit partner of the C&O Canal National Historical Park, the C&O Canal Trust will hold in account the money the Friends of Fletchers Cove raises to support the maintenance of Fletchers Cove.

Friends of Fletchers Cove is a group of concerned citizens who organized in order to address the siltation problem at Fletchers Cove. For years, the cove has been filling in with sediment and is making access to the Potomac River more difficult. Friends of Fletchers Cove is committed to maintaining, improving, and sustaining the public benefits offered in the area. They are currently raising $150,000 to fund a core and bore soil sample study that will help the National Park Service determine options for remediation.

A popular spot known for its spring shad run, the area also hosts the Boathouse at Fletchers Cove, which sells fishing licenses, refreshments, bait and tackle, and rents rowboats, kayaks and canoes.

Friends of Fletchers Cove Executive Committee member Mike Bailey stated: “As a unique, natural access point onto the Potomac River in Washington, DC, Fletcher’s Cove is rich with history and offers traditional outdoor family-oriented activities, including watersports and fishing. We are grateful and honored to partner with the C&O Canal Trust to begin the task of remediation that will serve to maintain access and save the Cove.”

The C&O Canal Trust will serve as the group’s fiscal agent, allowing them to raise money as a nonprofit. The Trust’s relationship with the Park will ensure the money is spent in accordance with Park Service regulations.

Trust President Robin Zanotti stated, “I am so pleased to be able to help the Friends of Fletchers Cove with their project to sustain such an important piece of the C&O Canal National Historical Park. This partnership is exciting, because it allows us to partner with another group that has the same values the Trust does – to preserve the park and maintain it for future generations.

More information about the Friends of Fletchers Cove is available on this website: www.canaltrust.org/fletchers.