Honor Roll of Donors

The Board of Directors and the staff of the C&O Canal Trust wish to thank all of our donors who generously supported our work over the last fiscal year.

The following Honor Roll of Donors reflects giving between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023. Every attempt has been made to ensure this list is complete. If we have excluded you in error, please contact our development staff at [email protected].

* denotes William O. Douglas Society, our leadership donor society named for the late Justice William O. Douglas.

+ denotes Patowmack Society, individuals who have made provision in their estate plans for the C&O Canal Trust.


$50,000 and up

Dao Feng & Angela Foundation Corporation
Dao Feng and Angela He*
Montgomery County, Maryland



Tony and Gay Barclay*
Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation
Washington County, Maryland



Bedrock Foundation
Charles H. Miller Charitable Foundation
Community Foundation of Frederick County

Feng Dong and Mengping Chen*
John Guttmann and Holly Cannon*
Knight and Ann Kiplinger*

Kiplinger Family Foundation
Rena Subotnik and Edward Crowe*
The J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation



A.R. Landsman Foundation
Cowles Family Foundation
Victoria Cowles and Nicholas Maravell*
Crescent Cities Charities
G. Whitney Snyder Charitable Fund
Michael and Susie Gelman*

Marc Grossman and Mildred Patterson*
Lorna Hainesworth*
Michael and Kathryn Hanley*
Lisa Landsman*
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott*
Mars Foundation

Eleanor Metcalf*
Julia Metcalf*
Morningstar Foundation
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Dana Reisse*
Dennis Shiflet*†



Anonymous Donor
Paul Bremer and Mimi Fleury Bremer*
Stephen and June Chaudet*
Andy and Jessica Chod*
Crescent Cities Charities
FirstEnergy Foundation
Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern

Francis and Carolyn Grant-Suttie*
Paul and Laurie Juola*
Catherine Luke and Brett Beitzel*
Mann Paller Foundation
Mary K. Bowman Fund for Historical and Fine Arts
Minkoff Development Corporation
Howard Morse and Laura Loeb*
Nora Roberts Foundation

Marsha Paller*
Karen Beth Possner and Stan Wiggins*†
Edward Ryan and Catie Malone*
Deborah Schumann*
The Jewell Foundation
WLR Automotive Group
World Bank Group



Sandra Adams*†
Miguel and Sally Andrade
Richard and Adrienne Baxley*
Bou Family Foundation, Inc.
Steve and Carolyn Bou*
David and Eileen Brooks*
Butz Foundation
Robert and Cathy Butz*
Dembo Jones, PC
Thomas D. and Kathleen L. Fingleton*

Linda Fisher*
Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Sandy Iru Grace*
Sherif Ettefa and Nermine Elhaddad*
Sidgmore Family Foundation
Jessie Harris*
Katherine Harding Wunder Foundation
Katherine Wunder Lunceford*

M&T Charitable Foundation
Donald MacKenzie
Geoff Patterson and Elizabeth Farry*
Ronald Piervincenzi*
Ed Sowell*
Thomas Spano
Dan and Janette Spedden*
Bert and Amy Swain*
Thai McGreivy, M.D. Memorial Fund
US Pharmacopeia
Jonathan Warner*
Donna Westmoreland*



Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Ray and Jennifer Baldwin*
John Butman and Patty Lee*
B. Marie Byers*
Anne Elizabeth Carlson*
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Claude and Nancy Keener Charitable Fund
David Crookston*
John Dema*
June Elizabeth Dosik*
Philip T. Evans and Colleen M. McEnroe
William T. N. and Michele C. Farquhar*
Mary Ann Fisher*
Robert V. and Roxanne Fleming, II*
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Lee Goodwin and Linda Schwartzstein*
Guest Services, Inc.
Paul Hagen*
Donald and Elizabeth Harrison*
Steven Herman and Susan Deller Ross*
ICF Consulting Group, Inc.
John and Rachel King Foundation

Doug and Nancy Kay*
Nancy Keener*
Edward and Arleen Kessler*
John and Rachel King*
Paul and Stacy Krogh*
Arthur Latterner and Bonita Tabakin
Gerald Lutes and Marsha Zellem*
Marguerite G. Cooley Foundation
Christopher Maroshegyi*
Sharon Marlene Mastroni*
Margaret McCarthy*
Keith I. McConnell*
Mary McGlohon*
James Menzies*
Robert and Pamela Mertz*
Jason Michel*
Montgomery Ice Arena Management Company, LLC
William B. and Karen O. Newman*
Ohana Family Foundation
Sergio Ostria*
Ethan Palenchar*
Geoff Patterson and Elizabeth Farry*
Perennial Garden Club
Red Five Security
Toni A. Robinson
Bruce and Lori Rosenblum*

Joan Rudel
Arthur and Linda Schwartz*
Seibert Wright Family Charitable Fund
Catherine Seibert and Frederick Wright*
Ase Sewall*
Dawinder Sidhu*
Gary Sikora and Peg Shaw
Greg Simon and Margo Reid*
Stanley and Jolene Sloter*
Lafe Solomon and Catherine Crockett*
Mark Stover*
Laurie Strayer*
Joanna Sturm*
The Home Depot Foundation
Glenn Tofil*
John D. Tuthill*
Viasat, Inc.
Sandy Vogelgesang*†
Richard and Anne Wallace*
Robert Weiss*
Terry and Bill Witowsky*
Younger Toyota
Michael and Robin Zanotti*
Pamela Zarick*
Eric and Kathryn Zimmerman*



Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Constance C. Arvis
Valerie Aschenbach
Stan and Shelley Balis
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
David and Sue Beddow
William Bell
Peter and Ellen Berty
Denise and Steven Brownlee
Robert and Sharon Buchanan
Alan W. Cashell
Jane Chin
Dean and Susan Cinkala
David Worth Clark and Lee Anne Gelletly
Leah Connolly
Dean W. Danowski
Bruce Davis and Evelyn Jacob
Deanna Dawson
Caroline Maury Devine
Norma B. Dugger
Peter and Mary Beth Durant
Kevin and Alison Ewing
Kenneth Foster
Linda Friedland
Eric Froehlich
Ralph Garboushian
Jim Gilchrist
Michael A. Goldman
Greg and Christie Gosnell
Anya C. Grundmann
Cheryl Hamilton
Donald and Nancy Hensel

Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold
Eric Jacobs†
Michael Jordan
Donald A. Kaplan
Chas and Emily King
Thomas Kirsch
Marc and Rebecca Korman
Carol Kurtz Walsh
Carol Levin
Andy and Jim Mackintosh
Michael and Carol Salzman Mann
Frank Marcotte
Michael Marod
Marod Family Fund
Steven and Andrea Matney
Michael Mitchell
National Philanthropic Trust
Matthew R. Nau
James and Ann Nelson
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Elias Nimmer
Joseph Ottinger
Margaret Parlato
Jack Paulik
Chanaka and Nishadi Perera
Evelyn Petschek
Potomac Community Village
Raymond Reott
Lauren Riviello and Jacob Matz
Rockefeller Foundation

Patrick and Erica Saccoia
Laurie Sears
Silver Ocean Capital Holdings, LLC Silverwood Trust
Craig and Erika Singer
Gigi Smith
Karyn Smith
Eric Solomon
Adam Stull
Beverly Ann Swain
Craig Tannahill
Teetsel & Jacobs Charitable Fund
Texas Instruments Foundation
The Robert and Amy Barker Foundation
Steuart and Linda Thomsen
Claudia and Nathan Tielking
Tourism Council of Frederick County
Cory Van Horn
Nancy Voit
Ira and Marcia Wagner
Mark Walsh
The Meg & Alison Team, Washington Fine Properties
Edward and Sheila Weidenfeld
Timothy and Alba-Marina Williams
Robert Williamson and Caryl McNeilly†
Amy Barker Wilson
John and Kate Wyckoff
Cherry Wyman
Haiyan Yang
The Cohen Group, LLC



AIMS India Foundation
Jennifer Alvidrez
Brian J. Anderson and Leann M. Rock
Carter and Peggy Bacon
Roger and Miranda Ballentine
Cherry A. Barr
Andrew Bartley and Jill Herscot
Sheila Bassett
William Francis Bavinger
Matthew Bechtel
Bellinger Family Foundation
Mike and Vicki Bender
James Biasco
Blake Biles and Laura Sessums
Marcia Clark Blisard
Booz Allen Hamilton
Lynn and Marie Broadman
Greg and Beth Brown
William Byron
BWCUMC Camp Manidokan
Tina Cappetta and Ron Batcher
Gail Chambers
Chandler Family Fund of Princeton Area Community Foundation
Richard and Claudia Chitty
Anne Constant
Catherine Cowie and Keith Rust
Delanson Crist and Maria Kozloski
Cushwa Brewing Company
Michaela Daniel
Geoffrey and Meg Dawson
Timothy Diaz
Kerry Dinneen
Peter Dunner
Diana Eisenstat
John J Fagan
Tracie Felker
Dennis Freeman

Benjamin Gaddy
Matthew Gamser
Alan Gourley and Sarah Brown
Lisa Griffin
Michael Harrington
Patricia Harvey
Matthew Haskins
Jennifer Chandler Hauge and Hon. Steven Berk
Mary E. Hawkins
Michael Hays and Kim Matthews
Healthier, Greener, Kinder Foundation
Donald and Kathryn Henry
James and Jean Hochron
Lois Hollan
Giles and Robbins Hopkins
Interchange Tiki Bar and Brewing
Marie Joabar
The Joe W. II & Marg M. Fleming Trust
Michael and Carol Joseph
Kathleen Koehler
Beth Kramer
Patrick Kuhlmann
Philip Levinton
Tobias Linden
Virginia Luster
Andrew Lysczek
Maderia Fund, Inc.
Matthew Madurski
Steven and Janet Magel
Judith Mansfield
Alex and Niki Markoff
Mathew H. McCormick
Chris McIsaac and Tracey Braun
Don and Sheila Moldover
Jonathan Moore and Bradley Clements
David and Lilly Morenoff
Michael Mullin
Michael A. and Pamela G. Nardolilli

Lillian and Matthew Nolan
Lawrence Novey and Sue Cohn
Mark Obrinsky
James R. and Maureen O’Connell
Peter and Susan O’Donoghue
Frederick C. Ohly
Nicholas Panebianco
Bruce and Kathleen Poole
Jeff and Emily Popera
Donald Ray Ramsey, Sr.
Robert A. Robbins and Marjorie Cohen
Eddy Rogers III
Priscilla Gilda Sabatelli
James Erik Sassak
Margaret K. Saunders
Eric Schweitzer
Kenneth D. Simonson and Jan Solomon
Chris Snyder
Nancy Stoner
John H. Sturc
Robyn Sumner
Sam S. Sutphin
Judy Switt
The Wu Family Giving Fund
Barbara Boyle Torrey
Rachel and Kenneth Towbin
Diane Tworog
United Way of the National Capital Area
Lou Viner and Gail Holthaus
William Walderman
Robert R. and Nadja Ward
David and Debora Warrenfeltz
Scott C. Weidenfeller
Masako White
Jennifer S. Williams
Andrew W. Wilson
James W. and Susan E. Wolfe
Shane Wolfe
John A. and Margery A. Ziegler


Up to $249

Beth Altman
Sina Maria Alvarado
Beverly B. Anderson
Sharon A. Andrews
Christopher Anthony
Ben Ashman
Lee Ayers
Stephen and Kate Baldwin
Brian Ballou
Patricia Barrett
Joan M. Barron
Cathy Beeler
Donald and Catherine Bellenger
Barbara Blaylock
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation
Susan Board
Stephen A. and Karen Bokat
Breakthrough Energy
David Brinkley
Rita Brown
Steven and Susan Brown
Angela Julia Campbell
Jarrett Cantrell
Robert L. Carpenter
Jeffrey W. Chaloupek
Gilbert Chauny
Galen and Sandy Clipp
Cohen Family Charitable Fund
Paula and Pablo Collins
Ziff Davis
Maureen Decombe
Sarah Dorrance
David Doyle
Robert L. Failor
Joseph and Maureen Fama
Leo A. Farber
Scott and Loretta Feldman
Karen Finkelman
Kelly Ford
Andrea Freeman
Thomas Freeman
Matt Frumin
Joanne Gabor
Jennifer Gan
Diana Gaviria
Thomas R. Gentile
Jeffrey Gibbs
Alan C. Gill
Christie Gingras
Carol Goodloe
Mengyun Hao
Jonathan Hardis
Gaelyn Hauser

Kathryn B. Hokenson
Louise and William Hopewell
Denise Horner
Richard Humphries
Terence Hurley
Ismael Husein Alonso
Christopher Jackson
William James
Jim and Diana Jamieson
Keith and Tari Janssen
Erik R. Johnson
Laura Johnson
Joiner da Silva Charitable Giving Fund
James and Caroline Jordan
Jim Jorling and Kathy Kirchner
Joseph F. Kanney
Kari and Dave Keaton
Mary Koehl-Teller
Leslie Kruger
Aaron Miles Kurman
Cameron Lane
Lori Lefkowitz
William Levitan and Jackie Lewis
Alvina Long
Thomas E. Lynch
Shawn Maher
Kristen Mangold
Dennis D. and Diane K. McCarthy
Jc McGuirk Jr.
Kara McNulty
Paul Meehan
Glenn Melcher
John Membrino
Jeannette and Pat Mendonca
Melissa A. Meske
Mike and Sue Mitchell
Montgomery County WPG
Jean F. Montgomery
Daniel Moore and Joanne Goodrich
Thomas Moore
Judith B. Morenoff
Michael E. and Maryvance M. Morrisroe
Elizabeth Mountz
Peter Neal and Carolyn Smith
Sandra Occhipinti
Anne-Louise Oliphant
Clare L. O’Meara
Michael R. and Lisa S. Opsahl
Jesse Parker
Robert and Nancy Peavy

Geoffrey and Merlyn Prentice
C. Sanjivi Rajasingham
Scott Reilly and Stephanie Killian
Thomas B. Riford
Brenda Holt Rosa
Alissa Rosenstein
William Kirk Roy
Harold and Victoria Sakayan
Lydia Schindler
James and Denise Schleckser
Richard Schmitt
Maria Schofer
Claudia Seelig
Guy and Dana Semmes
Raphael and Katherine B. Semmes
Marlene J. Severson and David Cooley
Thomas Shaffer and Karen Vander Linde
Alan Sislen
Donald Sladkin
Anthony and Deanna Stacy
Steven Steinbach
Lee and Pat Stine
Robert Strauss and Miriam Schneider
Philip and Margot Sunshine
Timothy B. Taylor
Paul Tilley
Jesse Tomczak
Corrie Troxel
Rick Tucker
Dilawar and Lois Uthman†
Douglas Van Zoeren
Daniel Veronica
Dan and Yon Wacker
Richard Waugaman
Matthew Waurio
Ann Webber
Judith Weil Shanks
Andrew West
Tim Whetzel
Roland White and Lee Gillespie-White
James Whittle
David A. Wiecking
Jenifer Wiles
Gary A. Wilhelm
Roger Williams and Ginger Macomber
Tim Wilson
Richard Wymelenberg
Davide Zucchini


Thomas Abbott
Fred and Ann Abeles
Ira and Joy Adler
Jeffrey Adler
Tiffany C. Ahalt
Felipe Albertani
Charles Edward Allen
William G. Allman
Amazon Smile
Kristina D. Amspacker
David A. Anderson
Eamon Anderson
Harold G. Anderson
Bruce S. Andrews
Nancy Anthracite
William Antone
Scott and Margi Arnold
Steven B. Arrington
Association of Recreation Councils – Southwest County Acct
Stephanie J. Banks
Simon and Patricia Barber
Robert Barkin
Aidan Barnes
James S. Barnes
Karen Bass
Anthony Bates
Hugh and Molly Baumgardner
James Baxter
Patricia Beauregard
Carole Beaver
David C. and Diane B. Bechtol
Katie Beck
Roxanne Beil
Darr Beiser
Guy B. Beltz
Bruce and Susan Bender
Katherine Benjamin
Barbara Berg
Steven Bernheisel
Shella Biallas
Elizabeth Biffl
Billi Jean Bikle
Kristen Billings
Norman W. and Carol A. Birzer
James Blenko
David Bloom
Elisabeth K. Boas and Arthur B. Spitzer
Brandie Boehm
Paul and Renee Bogdan
David Boggeman
John Bohman
Emily Bolt
Ida Bostian
Rod Bourn
Tom Bower
Alma Bowers
Peter Brandriss
Sue Bremner
Emily Brewer Cohan
Parke M Brewer
Michael Bridges
Rebecca Banken Brindle
Kathryn K. Brower
Clarence Brown
Michael and Judith Bucci
Richard Buchanan
Daniel Buffington
Sue Bumbaugh
Harold and Sally Burman
Marian Burros
John Butte
William Butz
Patricia Cain
Julia Calomaris
Canoe Cruiser Association
Susan Cantilli
Nina Cardin
Craig W. Carlson
James and Kathleen Carr
Juan Pablo Carriedo
Jon Carver
Michael Cermak
Erica Chapman
William James Clark
David Cleaves
Holly Cliggott
Sheila S. Cochran
Sarah M. Cocoma
Frank S. Coe
Barbara Collins
Joseph Collins
Rita Colwell
Victoria Commins and David Mykita
Ross Cook and Carol Becker
Jonathan Coopersmith and Lisa Halperin
Heidi Corcoran
Peter R. Cowley
James and Lise Crafton
Frank and Joanne Crantz
Glenn A. Crinnion
Jeffrey Lynn Crooks
Julia Cullison
MA Cummings
David and Aileen Curfman
Clarissa Dade-Esposito
Harry D’Andrea
Jerome and Patricia Danoff
David and Renee Connelly
David Davidson
Elwyn Davies
Allan P. Davis
Ashley Davis
Susan Davis
John H. Davitt, Jr
Bryant Day
Marcelina de Leon
Arnold Dean
Cheryl Lederer DeGeorge
Joelle Delaplace
Brian Demay
Kirsten Denney
Ryan Dietrich
Helen DiRenzo
Lynda DiValentin
Jenny Divver
Thomas and Phyllis Dobyns
Allison R. Drew
John Dubeck
Lori Ducharme
Anthony Dwyer
Gary Eckard
Michele Egan
Renee Enright
Richard Erdman and Sibyl Nye
Thomas Eyler
David A. Failor
James and Anne Farver
Aaron Ferguson
David Fielding
Anna Fierst
Nancy Fiorina
Eric Fisher
Michael Fluke
Wendy Flynn
Cassie Marie Flynt
Rachel Foltz
Mary Fortuna and Chris (Robert) Kuser
William and Nancy Foster
Steven Ira Frahm
Christopher Friberg
M Friedel
Mayo and Pearl Friedlis
Ellen Gadbois
Heather E. Gange
Howard Garrett
Barbara Gingrich
Weuller Giovani
Janet Gochenour
Jane l. Godfrey
Goldman Sachs
Cynthia Goodman
Craig and Darlene Gordon
Timothy Gordon
Douglas Gorecki
Joseph Gorney
Jerry Goverman
Gene Granof
Donald P. Graunke
Jakob Grave
Andrew Gray
Karen Mary Gray
Carl Graziano
Christine Graziano
Lynette Grenier
Craig Griffin
Mark Grifo
Gregory Griswold
Karen E. Grote
Drew and Katy Gruber
David P. Grum
Allen Grunes
Dale and Nancy Hall
Neota Hall
Barbara Halleck
Mary Hambleton
Wade and Jan Hampton
Elizabeth Handley
Chris and Hailey Hanessian
Frederic Hanika
Lawrence Hannah
Lone Hansen
Shaun Hardy
Sarah Harnood
Sophia Harnood
Suhe Harnood
Heather J Harris
James and Karen Harrison
Marcy Harrison
Steven Harrison

Benjamin Hart
John L. Hartge
Jeffrey Hartley
James D. Hathaway
Beth Haubach
Michael Edward and Juliana Heaney
Lisa Heller
Emily Helmes
Carol Hesse
Kenneth Hill
Robert J. and Judith H. Hines
Peter C. Hinz
Joel and Dee Hoffman
Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker
Greg Horning
Joseph T. and Mary M. Howard
Forest Howell
Neal Howlett
Steve Huber
John Huennekens
Gregory Humes
Laurie F. Hurvitz
Patricia Huyck
Nancy Hwa
Janice Hylton
Howard and Ella Iams
Harry Bame Iceland
Donna Intolubbe
Jane West Ivey
Benjamin Ivins
Carolyn Jackson
Howard Lee and Debra Lee James
Anthony Jandora
James E. and Barbara Jarboe
Johnny Jesson
Rebekah Johnson
Steve Johnson
Richard M. Jones Jr.
Richard and Claudine Jones
Steven Jones
Kuriacose Joseph
Max Kantzer
Patrick Kapust
Rachel Karchin
Mansfield Kaseman
Joseph A. Keating and Roberta B. Albert
Cynthia Keith
Michael and Lisa Kelley
Paul and Juliana Kelley
Christopher Kelly
Edward Kelly
David Kennedy
Amber Kerr
Robert H. Kessler
Scott and Carrie Kilgore
Russell Kincaid
Jonah Kind
Ann E. King
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Roz Kleffman
Dylan Klossner
Helena M. Klumpp
Ronald Knipling
Adele M. Knott
Michael Kolar
George Kolodner
Jonathan A. Kopp
Mary C. Kopper
Nicolas Kotschoubey
Ed Koucheravy
Steven Kover
David Krane
Frederick Kreiger, Jr.
Carl Kress
Evan Krichevsky
Dan Kroll
John Kuester
Nancy S. Kury
Nelson Labbe
Steven Lapidus
Linda and Roger Lark
Elaine Larson
Mathias Laubert
Joseph Laukaitis and Lya Karm
Katherine Layton
Deepa Lazarous
John League
Mark W. Leatherman
Thomas A. LeBlanc
Jerry Lebo
Carol Lee
Peggy Lee
Amanda Leichliter
Lynette Lemat
Carter Lenz
Bret Leslie and Karen Stern
Elliott and Pamela Levine
Christine Ley
Richard Liroff
Harold and Karen Logsdon
Catherine Lorrain
Loudon County
Jeffrey and Fonda Lowe
Julianne Mackinnon
Stacy Madalena
Ivy Main and Tim Engel
Nicholas Malin
Louis and Edythe Manza
Erin and Jason Mao
Thomas Marchessault
Deborah Marine
Tom Markarian
Lowell Markey
Jeffrey H. Marks
Curtis L. Marshall
Charles Michael Martin
John and Lauren Martino
Sabrina R. Massett
Ann Mathis
Lindsay McAuliffe
Melinda McCartin
Alan and Heather McCarty
Scott McClure
Peggy McEwan
Mark McGovern
Judith McGuire and Arthur Tsien
Diane McGurgan
Mark McInturff
David P. McMasters
David Mead
Dale and Elizabeth Meers
Luke Mehringer
Donald Timothy Meier
Bruce L. Menditch and Deborah Forst-Menditch
Antonia Menezes
Joe Metzler
Sara Miles
Allyson B. Miller
Mark Miller
David Mitchell
William H. and Jean Atkinson Mitchell
Mara Modes
Eric and Sharon Moe
Kathryn Mohrman
Judith B. Morenoff
James F. Morris
Alla Morrison
Nancy A. Morrison
Robert Charles Morrow
Alan and Karen Moshel
David Mosher
Jessica Moyer
Karen Mudar
Jill Muir
Katie and Dan Mullin
Pat Munoz
Barbara Murphy
Virginia Murphy
Juliet Musial
Tom and Katherine Myers
Pamela Nagurka
Thomas Nardone and Edith Lam
Cheryl Naulty
Jane Neff
Ronald and Margaret Neumann
John and Barbara Newland
Allen E. Neyman
Young Ng
Paul Nibber
Donald Nicoletta
John Noel
Ashley and Dean Notabartolo
Eric Nothman
Christine Novick
Clarence O Kragh
Bridget O’Brien
Mia O’Connell
Paul O’Leary
Bruce and Christie O’Neill
George L. Ohrstrom, II
Guillermo Olaizola
Rose Walter Oppenheim
Brian Orgen
Brian Over
Mark A. and Sue Ann Palmer
Alexander Pankov
Don Parcher
Laurent Pavageau
Karen Pence
Margaret N. Percesepe
John and Michelle Person

Amy and Mike Peters
Piarista Beans, LLC
Picard Family Fund
Matthew and Suzanne Picard
Gerald and Janet Pietsch
William Pilsk
Richard and Martha Pine
Frank J. Pisano
Paul and Rebecca Place
Jean-Pierre Ple
Stephen and Susan Policastro
Richard W. Pollard
Geoffrey Andrew Potter
Travis Powers
Shelley Price
William Price
Shimon Prohow
Michael and Carolyn Prudich
Thomas Pulham
Jonathan Putnam
Douglas Pyle
Michael Rafala
Jill S. Randell
Rebecca Rangel
Katie Rapp
Gail Regina
Heather Reichardt
John and Terry Reimer
Claire Reinburg
Gary Reisner
Kim Remsberg
Eric and Tammy L. Rhoades
Ray and Lynda Richardson
Greer Richey
Lori and Harry Rieckelman
Stephen H. and Bette Ries
David Riviello
James Roberson
Edward Robichaud
James Robinson
Beth A. Rockwell
Jose Rodriguez Bosch
Franklin Rogers
David Romanowski
Elisabeth Rood
Kathy Rosa
Mark Alan Rosen
Ken and Zoe Rosenbaum
Cynthia Rosenberg
Audrey Rothstein
Diane Rowland
Tim and Beth Rowland
Jack Ruback
Karen Russell and Scott Norris
Niklaus Salafsky and Julia Segre
Charles A. and Donna N. Salcetti
Sarah Hood Salomon
Robert Sanchez
Brian Sanders
Jennifer Sara
Steve and Mary Sattler
Molly Schaefer
Thomas Scheffer
Edward Schellhorn
Joshua L. Schonfeld
John Schumacher
Carol Scott
David M. Segal
Vin and Karen Seibert
Kenneth and Roberta Seidelmann
Chris R. Seier
James Serfass
Richard Sha
Philip Shanholtzer
Martha Shannon
Deborah Sharpe
Jim Shea
Joanne Sheffield
Lacy Shelby
Michelle Shinn
Brandon Shirley
John P. Sholar
Deborah Shrager
Patricia Shultz
Simon and Nancy Sidamon-Eristoff
Silver Spring Camera Club
Steven and LeeAnna Silverman
Alan and Kara Simmons
Marion Simmons
Peter Simpson and Penny Mills
Dana E. Singiser
Burton Smith and Karla Timmons
Chris and Belinda Smith
Scott Smith
Jean Solari
Paul Souchar
Declan Spealman
Anne Spear
William and Stacey Sperow
Emily Springer
William Stacy
Gary Lamar Stanley
Chet Stein
Jeffrey and Julie Steinberg
James Patrick Steinmacher
Michael Stern
Carolyn Stine
Jacqui Stone
Larry and Kathleen Stovicek
Sally Strain
Jukka-Pekka Strand
Karen E. Strick
Walt Stull and Diane Ellis
Chuck Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan
Maude Svensson
John Syarto
Donald L. and Christine H. Sylvester
Charles and Lee Talisman
Jeffrey J. Tarbert and Madylyn B. Cafruny
Sheila Taube
Cynthia Taylor
Terry and Susan Sharer
Mark and Sheila Thalhimer
Don and Karen Thibeau
George Thiede
Paul Tilley
Luis Tineo
Parisa Tirnaz
Brian Toeneboehn
James Togashi
Tamara Trocki
Charlotte Trout
Vladimir Tsirkunov
Gerald Allan Tucker
Jim Turner
Michelle Turner
Susan Rae Twigg
Jonathan Udis
United Health Group
John S. and Kathy K. Uzzo
Tim Valachovic
Marike van der Veen-Box
Vann Landscapes, Limited
Ellen Veazey
Matthew L. and Wilma S. Wald
Paulie Ward
Quinn A. Warner
Michael Washington
John P. Watson
Susan Webb
Robert A. Westgate and Fiona Sigalla
Malini Wilkes
Michael and Lucy Williams
Andrew Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Stephen and Barbara Wilson
Ben Winters
Nancy Wolejsza
Tyra Wolfsberg
Jon Wolz
Christine Wontrop
Matthew Woodill
Barb Woolard
Nicholas Wu
David Wyman
Patrick Wysong
Ying Ye
Xiaoqing Yu
Terri Z.
Steven and Ina Zimmerman
John and Elizabeth Zinner
Charles Zitrick
Carl and Theresa Zmola
Judy Zube
Warner Lee and Anne Schley Zumbach
Susan Zweighaft and Richard J. Reed
James Zwiebel
Margaret Zwisler


In memory of Jim Baxter 
Amber Kerr

In memory of Cathy Bellenger
Beverly B Anderson
Sarah M. Cocoma

In memory of Deacon Brew
Shawn Maher

In memory of Scott R. Brewer
Parke M Brewer

In memory of Barry Cohen
Cohen Family Charitable Fund

In memory of James Curfman
David and Aileen Curfman

In memory of William Failor
Robert L. Failor

In memory of Rochelle Follender
Joanne Sheffield

In memory of Anthony G. Freeman
Andrea Freeman

In memory of Ed Hoke
Richard Buchanan    
Malini Wilkes

In memory of Gary Humes
Gregory Humes

In memory of Jack Koczela
Peter and Ellen Berty

In memory of Elliot S. Krafsur
Neota Hall

In memory of Eric Larsen
Scott Reilly and Stephanie Killian

In memory of Francis Lazarous
Deepa Lazarous

In memory of William F. McGurgan
Diane McGurgan

In memory of Edward Morenoff
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation
Judith B. Morenoff

In memory of John Mountz
Elizabeth Mountz

In memory of Andrew Kidd Munster
Ray and Lynda Richardson

In memory of Kenneth G. Murphy
Virginia Murphy

In memory of Brad Northrup
Joe Metzler
Pamela Nagurka
Clare L. O’Meara
Ira and Marcia Wagner

In memory of Dr. Alan W. Richey
Greer Richey

In memory of Allen Rodriguez
Laurie Strayer

In memory of Prem Sarin
Scott McClure
Kenneth and Roberta Seidelmann
Cynthia Taylor

In memory of Penelope J. Schellhorn
Edward Schellhorn

In memory of Dr. Bernard Wayne Scott
Adele M. Knott

In memory of Roy Sewall
Bruce S. Andrews
Valerie Aschenbach
Stephanie J. Banks
Craig W. Carlson
Keith Rust and Catherine Cowie
Richard and Sibyl Nye Erdman
Howard and Ella Iams
Carol Lee
Pat Munoz
Allen E. Neyman
Eric Schweitzer
Ase Sewall
Chet Stein
Nancy Stoner
Vann Landscapes, Limited
Terry and Bill Witowsky

In memory of Herbert LeRoy Strawsburg
Warner Lee and Anne Schley Zumbach

In memory of Frederick O. Swain
Beverly Ann Swain

In memory of Charles and Ruth Waugaman
Richard Waugaman

In memory of Charles Weidenfeller
Wendy Flynn

In memory of George “Hooper” Wolfe
Mike and Vicki Bender


In honor of Naomi Cahn
Jonathan Coopersmith and Lisa Halperin

In honor of Nicholas Clements
June Elizabeth Dosik

In honor of Allie Gaynor and Tim Adams
Bridget O’Brien

In honor of Bruce Glassman
Eric and Kathryn Zimmerman

In honor of Francis Grant-Suttie
Norma B. Dugger
Robert V. and Roxanne Fleming, II

In honor of John Guttmann and Holly Cannon
Claude and Nancy Keener Charitable Fund
Nancy Keener
Beth Kramer

In honor of Wendy Hartman
Daniel Buffington

In honor of Bill Hibbard
John League

In honor of Albert E. Kapust
Patrick Kapust

In honor of Michael Kurman and Pat Hoff
Aaron Miles Kurman

In honor of Henry R. Mastroni
Sharon Marlene Mastroni

In honor of Dr. Carol Moore
Jesse Parker

In honor of Jane Neff
Alma Bowers

In honor of Alex Ransom
Carol Hesse

In honor of Lauren Riviello
Drew and Katy Gruber

In honor of Mimi Roth
Cynthia Rosenberg

In honor of Marnie Shafer Saunders
Margaret K. Saunders

In honor of Laura Sessums
Diane Rowland

In honor of James and Sydney Tannahill
Ann E King
Craig Tannahill
Tim Wilson

In honor of Linda Thomsen
Susan Webb

In honor of Eric Volt
Nancy Voit

In honor of Sherman and Adele Winters
Ben Winters

In honor of Robin Zanotti
Simon and Patricia Barber
Sharon Marlene Mastroni

In honor of The Wandering Hiking Group, Northern VA
Anne Spear

In honor of Thomson Trail Riders and PFWPA
Nancy S. Kury


The Daofeng & Angela Foundation Bench Collaboration:

Mile: 126.4 – Whiterock Campground
Mile: 128.9 –  Downriver from Leopards Mill
Mile: 129.9 – Leopards Mill Campground
Mile: 133.5 – Cacapon Junction Campground
Mile: 142.2 – Potomac River bend

Donated by the friends and family of Roy Sewall
Mile: 14.5 – Great Falls Grove of Trees

Donated by the friends of Michael “Magnus” Tierney
Mile: 38 – Marble Quarry Campground

Donated by the Don Mackenzie Charitable Gift Fund
Mile: 66.9 – Lock 37


Sandra Adams
James Burks and Bette Jane Pappas
Jen Cromer
Jennet Elizabeth Dame

Eric Jacobs
Michael Marmer
Caryl McNeilly
John C. Paty III
Karen Possner
Joy Pritts

Dennis Shiflet
Ingrid Sunzenauer
Lois Uthman
Sandy Vogelgesang


Lorna Hainesworth

First Energy Foundation
The Butz Foundation
Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern
M&T Bank Foundation

Clark Construction
Guest Services
Minkoff Development Corporation
Red Five Security
Younger Toyota

The Cohen Group
Community Foundation of Frederick County
Potomac Community Village


Dao Feng and Angela Foundation
Bedrock Foundation
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
Kiplinger Family Foundation
John Guttmann and Holly Cannon
A.R. Landsman Foundation

Mann Paller Foundation
Crescent Cities Charities, Inc.
Dembo Jones
Francis and Carolyn Grant-Suttie
Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern
The Jewell Foundation

Minkoff Development Corporation
Paul and Laurie Juola
Visit Hagerstown
Steve and June Chaudet
Marc Grossman
Mark Stover and Marlene Appleton
US Pharmacopeia


William Burker
Matthew R. Nau
Rebecca Rangel
Katie Rapp

Top image by Paul Graunke