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Welcome to the C&O Canal Trust

The official nonprofit partner of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park.

Funding Priorities

Towpath Forever

Ensuring that the towpath and its resources are here forever.

Canal Classrooms

Exposing thousands of students to outdoor education programs along the Canal.


Canal Quarters

Step back in time as you spend the night in one of six historic lockhouses.


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Learn about the C&O Canal and plan your trip with our trip planning tools, mobile app, and itineraries.

Canal Pride Days

Canal Community Days

(Formerly Canal Pride Days) Volunteer your time to help conserve the C&O Canal.


Canal Towns

Visit these nine unique destinations that border the Canal.


C&O Canal Trust Presents the C&O Canal National Historical Park With $200,000
On December 9, 2021 the C&O Canal Trust presented a gift of $200,000 to the C&O Canal National Historical Park (NHP). “The C&O Canal Trust provides the ways and means for individuals to contribute directly – through philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy – to the Park we love today and to the one we will leave to the future. This gift represents a couple of years of this activity, from our community of donors who give in support of the Park’s Canal Classrooms education program and Towpath Resurfacing efforts,” said John Guttmann, Board Chair of the C&O Canal Trust. “The C&O Canal Trust provides critical support for our work. Funding these programs is especially important because they provide a legacy for future visitors to enjoy the Park for years to come,” said Tina Cappetta, Superintendent of the C&O Canal National Historical Park. (more…)

C&O Canal Trust Reflects on Programs This Year
As the volunteer project season draws to a close, I am amazed at how quickly and eagerly people have stepped up to help take care of the park, especially when it was needed most: a time when the definition of “normal” has been upended, the park has been loved a little too hard, and when it could be unhealthy for some people to venture out into public spaces. Still, you came, and now we admire the results. (more…)

C&O Canal Trust Celebrates a Successful Year for Canal Community Days

Great Falls Canal Community Days by Francis Grant-Suttie

Canal Community Days is the C&O Canal Trust’s annual volunteer program. Each year, we recruit and manage hundreds of volunteers to undertake a range of preservation, beautification, maintenance, and conservation projects along the 184.5 mile length of the C&O Canal National Park, working closely with the National Park Service to identify priorities that can be completed by volunteers of all ages.  (more…)

Trust Raises Over $150,000 at Picnic in the Park
On Sunday, September 12, the C&O Canal Trust hosted Picnic in the Park to celebrate and raise funds for the C&O Canal National Historical Park’s 50th anniversary. The event was held at Carderock Pavilion where over a dozen picnic tables were beautifully decorated with photos of well-known Park landmarks and bouquets of locally-grown flowers. (more…)

C&O Canal Trust Reflects on Canal For All Programming This Year
The C&O Canal Trust’s Canal For All program was launched in 2017 with the goal of engaging young people from underrepresented communities in programs in the C&O Canal National Historical Park (NHP). This year, the Canal For All program has grown to provide fun and educational programs  with community partner organizations in and around the C&O Canal. Summer partners included the Boys & Girls Club of Washington County, Girls Inc., and Community Bridges. (more…)

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