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C&O Canal Trust Answers “What Are You Grateful for?”

The holiday season is almost upon us, and it is bound to look very different this year while we still maintain safe ways of gathering in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. The C&O Canal Trust staff are here to remind you that while the impending holiday season is bound to look a little different this year, we are all so grateful for everything we do have, namely the Park!

Celebrate with us and share what you are also most grateful for this November!

Canal Pride, 2020, Great Falls Mulching by Don Ramsey

“I’m grateful that the C&O Canal community is vast and devoted to the park’s preservation.” – Robin Zanotti, ACFRE, President

Lockhouse 25 Resurfaced Towpath by Trust Staff

“As we approach the 50th anniversary of the C&O Canal National Historical Park on January 8, 2021, I am thankful for all those ordinary citizens who stepped up in the 1950s to save the C&O Canal from becoming a parkway and, more recently, who have contributed their time, talent, and treasure to preserving it and ensuring that it remains safe and welcoming to all those lucky enough to enjoy it today. How much harder would this pandemic year have been for many us, if we had not had the C&O Canal to escape to for respite?” – Patricia Barber, Director of Development

Morning at the Mouth of the Monocacy River by Paul Graunke

“I am thankful for the 20,000 acres of preserved parkland that make up the C&O Canal National Historical Park, as well as all of our public lands. Parks are crucial for both recreation and relaxation!” – Heidi Glatfelter Schlag, Director of Marketing and Communications

Paw Paw Tunnel by Kyle Stewart

“I’m grateful to have such easy access to the Park and the ability to hike and bike in it as often as I can. I’m grateful for these things while I know others cannot take them for granted.” – Heather Barnes, Director of Programs & Partnerships

Town Creek MP162 by Keld Wichmann Moeller

“I am thankful to have such a great resource like the C&O Canal in my backyard.  The community of dedicated volunteers, staff,  and supporters of the Park is incredible to see and be part of.  I could not be more satisfied to be in such a unique situation every single day.” – Rod Newton, Program and Volunteer Coordinator

The Mercer Heading to the Lock by Jan Branscome

“I’m grateful to be part of a community that cherishes the beauty and the historical significance of the C&O Canal.  I’m one of the fortunate ones who is native to the area and have been able to spend countless hours in the Park enjoying its many offerings. We are so fortunate to have this sanctuary in our back yards. It does my heart good when I see the communities throughout the park come together to care for it and support it so that future generations can enjoy this magical place for years to come.” – Jane Neff, Office Administrator

Canal Gold by MJ Clingan

“I’m grateful the canal allows me to explore so many natural communities across Maryland, all in one stretch.” – Ellen Kinzer, Development Associate

Great Blue Heron at Great Falls by Charles Kim

“This year more than any other has made me more thankful for the smallest things. There is such beauty and calm in a short visit along the towpath. I have seen dancing foxes tumble across my path, listened to the ballads of songbirds in the trees, explored the waters of the turtles that make their homes in the locks along the Potomac. I have renewed gratefulness for those canal lovers who have given so much to the Trust via monetary donations and photos for our monthly contest during this time. I thank YOU for making this year worth every minute of the mandated quarantine.” – Tymber Compher, Communications and Development Associate

Fifteen Mile Creek Crossing by Jeffrey Muller

“During these uncertain times I am grateful that my family and friends are safe. I am grateful that my coworkers here at the C&O Canal Trust have been so supportive and inviting. This means a lot to me because I am far from my home state in California. They are not just my co-workers, they are family. Through my job I  have been able to hold onto my optimism and hope for better days!” – Ashley Duncan, AmeriCorps VISTA