2020-21 Honor Roll of Donors

The Board of Directors and the staff of the C&O Canal Trust wish to thank all of our donors who generously supported our work over the last fiscal year.

The following Honor Roll of Donors reflects giving between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021. Every attempt has been made to ensure this list is complete. If we have excluded you in error, please contact Lauren Riviello, Director of Development, at [email protected].

* denotes William O. Douglas Society, our leadership donor society named for the late Justice William O. Douglas.

+ denotes Patowmack Society, individuals who have made provision in their estate plans for the C&O Canal Trust.


$25,000 and up

Gay and Tony Barclay*
Daofeng and Angela He*

Daofeng & Angela Foundation Corporation

National Park Trust



Stephen and June Chaudet*
Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation
Crescent Cities Charities
Greater Washington Community Foundation
John Guttmann and Holly Cannon*

Knight and Ann Kiplinger*
Kiplinger Family Foundation
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott*
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc.

Judith A. Reitan*
Rock Creek Conservancy
V Squared Workshop
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
World Bank Group



A.R. Landsman Foundation
James R. and Karen K. Beardsley*
Michael and Denise Cetta*
Paul and Gail Chod*
Community Foundation of Washington County
Thomas D. and Kathleen L. Fingleton*
FirstEnergy Foundation
Whitney Snyder Charitable Fund
Michael and Susie Gelman*
Sandy Iru Grace*

Francis and Carolyn F. Grant-Suttie*
Marc Grossman and Mildred Patterson*
Lorna Hainesworth*
Jewell Foundation
Paul and Laurie Juola*
John and Rachel King*
Lisa Landsman*
Mann Paller Foundation
Mars Foundation
Mary K. Bowman Fund for Historical and Fine Arts
Minkoff Development Corporation
Morningstar Foundation

Howard Morse and Laura Loeb*
Alan and Marsha Paller*
Ronald Piervincenzi*
Karen Beth Possner and Stan Wiggins*+
Robert and Dana Reisse*
Linda and Arthur Rodbell*
Nora Roberts Foundation
Deborah Schumann*
US Pharmacopeia
Cliff and Deborah White*

Cliff and Deborah White Family Foundation



Arimo Associates, Inc.
Sandra Adams*+
Brett Beitzel and Catherine Luke*
Paul Bremer*
Paul and Frances W. Bremer Charitable Fund
Sherif and Norma Ettefa*
Ferris Family Foundation
Friends of Historic Great Falls Tavern
Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Jessie Harris*
Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area

Katherine Harding Wunder Foundation
John and Rachel King Foundation
Katherine Wunder Lunceford*
M&T Charitable Foundation
Margaret McCarthy*
Robert and Pamela Mertz*
Mike and Sue Mitchell*
Mitchell Family Foundation
Mark A. and Sue Ann Palmer*
Eileen Rabson
Edward Ryan*

Sidgmore Family Foundation
Ed Sowell*
Daniel P. Spedden*
Bert and Amy Swain*
Thai McGreivy, M.D. Memorial Fund
Vinod and Leila Thomas*
Sandy Vogelgesang*+
Ira and Marcia Wagner
Wagner Family Charitable Fund
Jonathan Moore Warner*
Michael R. and Robin Zanotti*



Lucy Alexander*
Randy and Cheryl Altschuler
Elizabeth Barratt-Brown and Bos Dewey*
David and Eileen M. Brooks*
John Butman and Patty Lee*
Jack B. and B. Marie Byers*
Anne Elizabeth Carlson*
Alan Wallace Cashell*
Fritz and Nancy Chockley*
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Stan and Linda Collyer*
William Randall and Lisa Cone*
Thomas L. and Kathleen H. Copmann
Margaret Cotter
Louise Crissman*
David Crookston*
Bruce Davis and Evelyn Jacob*
John Dema*
Kimberly Digilio
June Elizabeth Dosik*
Lou and Martine Dubin
Philip T. Evans and Colleen M. McEnroe
Mary Ann Fisher*

Robert V. and Roxanne Fleming*
Sarah P. Foss*
Michael Gadbaw and Sally Chandler
Lee Goodwin and Linda Schwartzstein*
Pamela Gwaltney*
Healthier, Greener, Kinder Foundation
Christian and Nora Hohenlohe*
Eugene and Karen M. Indyk
JMK Family Fund
Thomas Jones
Justice Family Fund
Doug and Nancy Kay
Col. John M. Knowles, CAP and Teri Hanna Knowles
Paul and Stacy Krogh*
Gerald Lutes and Marsha Zellem*
Michael Mann and Carol Salzman*
Colleen and Charles Markham
Marguerite G. Cooley Foundation
George and Catherine Mattingly
Allan D. and Darina C. McKelvie*
James Menzies*
Mountain View Brewery, LLC

John Moyer
Matthew R. Nau*
William B. and Karen O. Newman*
Geoff Patterson and Elizabeth Farry*
Kent and Dana Peterson*
PNGI Charles Town Gaming, LLC Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races
Michael Rogan*
Bruce E. and Lori Rosenblum*
Arthur Schwartz*
Jaret Seiberg*
Geza Serenyi*
Roy and Ase Sewall*
Jan Shelburne and James Pastoriza*
Anthony and Deanna Stacy*
Joanna Sturm*
The Guide Foundation
Barbara Boyle Torrey*
Cory A. Van Horn
Tracy and Mary Vargo
Viasat, Inc.
Charles A. and Eleanor V. Weidenfeller, Jr.*
Matthew and Agnes Zimmer*



Wiley Adams
Mohammad Ali and Mahjabeen Khan
Gary Anthes
Stan and Shelley Balis
Eliza Barclay
Adrienne Baxley
Michael and Phyllis Bayer
Kevin Belanger
Bavarian Inn, Resort & Brewing Company
Susan Beall
David T. and Sue S. Beddow
Blake Biles and Laura Sessums
Robert Blake
Booz Allen Hamilton
Peter Bross
Dean and Susan Cinkala
Claude and Nancy Keener Charitable Fund
David Clark
Kris Coleman
Community Foundation of Frederick County
David Cottingham
Victoria Cowles and Nicholas Maravell
Mary Cristler
William L. Dahut, Jr.
Deanna Dawson
Arnold Dean
Caroline Maury Devine
Lynda DeWitt
Jennifer Fleming

Eric Froehlich
Greg and Christie Gosnell
Atalanta T. Grant-Suttie
Anya C. Grundmann
Susan Hanifl
Donald and Elizabeth Harrison
Bradley Hayek
Steven Herman and Susan Deller Ross
Darrin Hurwitz
Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold
Susan Jenson
Nancy Keener
Carol Levin
Joseph Lipscomb and Laura Will
Laura MacInnis
Andy and Jim Mackintosh
Harry and Deb Malone
Michael Marod
Sharon Marlene Mastroni
Keith I. McConnell
Steven B. Michael
Jason Michel
Gregory S. and Lynn Mitchell
Dolores Moyer
Bruce Perry
Peter and Susan O’Donoghue
Mark Obrinsky
Paul and Suzanne Hanifl Foundation
Jack Paulik

Joseph and Sharon Petrillo
Bruce and Kathleen Poole
Colin and Ann Potts
Katie Rapp
Lauren Riviello and Jacob Matz
Rockefeller Foundation
Robert Rotunno and Sabrina Pacifici
Jonathan Scanlon
Diane Schaefer
Julian Schweitzer
Seibert Wright Family Charitable Fund
Gary Sikora and Peg Shaw
Greg Simon and Margo Reid
Craig and Erika Singer
Stanley and Jolene Sloter
Ted Spiegler
Philip Stanton
William Steinberg
Herb and Jane Stevens
Mark Stover
Beverly Ann Swain
Teetsel & Jacobs Charitable Fund
Toll Bros., Inc.
Texas Instruments Foundation
Timothy and Alba-Marina Williams
Robert Williamson and Caryl McNeilly+
Amy Baker Wilson
Edward Parker White
Younger Toyota



Jennifer Alvidrez
Brian J. Anderson and Leann M. Rock
Christopher Anthony
Cherry A. Barr
Patricia Barrett
Sheila Bassett
Arthur and Sandra Becker
James Biasco
Catherine Blair
Steve Blanks
Barbara Blaylock
Edith Boehler
David Brinkley
Travis Brown
Jim Burks and Bette Jane Pappas
William Byron
Sally Cameron
Gail Chambers
Russ Cleaver
Susan Creane
Jen Cromer+
Michaela Daniel
Marco and Anne Di Capua
Kerry Dinneen
Wendelyn and Rick Duke
Mike Patrick Ellert-Beck and Amy Elsbree
Richard English
John and Mary Jane Euler
Mary Fortuna and Chris (Robert) Kuser
Allan Friedman
Ralph Garboushian
Diana Gaviria
Jim Gilchrist
Lauren Goebel
Judith Gold
Jay Goldring
Alan Gourley and Sarah Brown
Karen Mary Gray

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR)
Michelle Hachigian
Cameron Hamilton
Michael Hager and Jennifer Howard
Michael Harrington
Beth Haubach
James and Jean Hochron
Kathryn B. Hokenson
Giles and Robbins Hopkins
Michael and Carol Joseph
Donald A. Kaplan
John Kehne
Kevin C. Kenny
Mary Koehl-Teller
Marc and Rebecca Korman
Arthur Latterner and Bonita Tabakin
Marc Mason LeBlanc
Joanne Freund Lesher
Philip Levinton
Steven and Janet Magel
Judith Mansfield
Marathon Charity Cooperation
Frank Marcotte
Mark and Hope Foster Charitable Giving Fund
Michael and Linda Marmer+
Chris and Jane Martens
Steven and Andrea Matney
Tim and Gretchen Matz
Chris McIsaac and Tracey Braun
Laura Mecagni
June Miller
Kevin and Laura Miller
James J. Milligan
Jonathan Moore and Bradley Clements
Stephen Nelson
Lillian and Matthew Nolan
Paul O’Leary

Frederick C. Ohly
Margaret Parlato
Mary A. Pelleymounter
Margaret N. Percesepe
Eric and Suzanne Pilsk
Jeff and Emily Popera
Potomac Charitable Trust
Judith Rankin
Thomas B. Riford
Michael and Christine Riviello
Robert A. Robbins and Marjorie Cohen Robbins
Richard D. and Geane L. Schubert
SD Nelson Marketing Solutions
Lynne Sherburne-Benz
Dawinder Sidhu
Dana G. and Lisa M. Sippel
Anastasia Smith
Steven Spell
Carlene Stephens
John H. Sturc
Noeleen Sullivan
Claudia Tielking
Andy Thompson
Glenn Tofil
Sonya M. Tsiros
Diane Tworog
William Walderman
Mimi Warner
David and Debora Warrenfeltz
Ann Webber
Amanda White
Jennifer S. Williams
Keith and Christine Williams
Andrew W. Wilson
Jon Wolz
John A. and Margery A. Ziegler
Steven and Ina Zimmerman


Up to $249

Chris Adams
Nick E. and Myra Agostino
Felipe Albertani
Chester and Paula Anderson
Marit Anderson
John Andre
Sharon A. Andrews
Scott and Margi Arnold
Diane August
Luci Bach
Carter and Peggy Bacon
Judith Bader
Catherine A. Baker
Stephen and Kate Baldwin
Simon and Patricia Barber
John Barham
Joan M. Barron
Michael J. Beck
Betty Beckley
Susan L. Beeman
Christopher Beers
Darr Beiser
Donald and Catherine Bellenger
Guy B. Beltz
Bruce and Susan Bender
Vicki Bender
Katherine Benjamin
Robert and Jody Benjamin
Jeffrey Berger and Diane Arkin
Hon. Steven Berk
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation
Marcia Clark Blisard
Bill Blonkowski
Andrew and Kaye Boesel
Paul J. Bogdan
Benoit Bosquet
Shayne and Robin Boucher
Jan Bove
Jeffrey and Sandra Bozworth
Sue Bremner
Eric Brenner
Bill Brettschneider
Cyrille Briançon
Joseph and Susan Brookreson
Carl Terrence Brown
Rita Brown
Michael and Betsy Brunner
Sue Bumbaugh
Valerie Burke
William and Marion Butler
Derek and Laura Byerlee
Beverly Byron
Laurence M. Cafritz
Laurie Calder
Angela Julia Campbell
Jarrett Cantrell
Juan Pablo Carriedo
Jon Carver
Norm and Mary Casagrande
Jim Cassella
Jennifer Chaffee
Jeffrey W. Chaloupek
Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
Gilbert Chauny
Andrew Chen
Andrew Claster
Stephen Clement
Galen and Sandy Clipp
Cohen Family Charitable Fund
Paula and Pablo Collins
Victoria Commins and David Mykita
Randall Commissaris
Pamela S. Cook
Heidi Corcoran
Peter R. Cowley
Frank and Joanne Crantz
Brian G. and Joan M. Crowe
Carol M. Cutts
Harold and Marilyn Dankner
Susan Davis
Nicolas de Zamaroczy
Joelle Delaplace
Benjamin Dengler
Janice Derr
Design Studio 45, LLC
Reid Detchon
Cynthia Deutermann
Dialectica Ltd
Kristen Dill
Megan DiNicola
Helen DiRenzo
Thomas and Phyllis Dobyns
Catharine Duman
Lawrence Dunca, III
George and Renee Dunham
Chris Dunphy
Gary Eckard
Deirdre Edgar
Mark Egge
Clare Evans
Jim Everett and Carolyn Roberts
Julia Falk
Judith Falloon
Debbie Feinstein
Scott and Loretta Feldman
Tracie Felker
Karen Finkelman
Jeff Fox
Carl E. and Charlotte A. Frasch
Gail Frazer and Philip Gerard
Andrea Freeman
Dennis Freeman
Sarah Funt
Libby Furry
Joanne Gabor
Clifford and Kerstin Gaddy
Heather E. Gange
David and Allison Garman
Ann and Tony Gehl
Jeffrey Gibbs
Alan C. Gill
John W. and Tammy Duke Gill
James Gillespie
Christie Gingras
Lois C. Glatfelter
Kimberly Godley and Tom Lippo
Michael J. Gooden
Carol Goodloe
Saul and Gail Goodman
Alec Graham and Madeleine Carter

Gene Granof
Donald P. Graunke
Barry Greenberg
Abe Greene
M. Meredith Griggs
Allen Grunes
Jennifer S. Haddon
Lisa Hall
Chris Hambrecht
Wade and Jan Hampton
Roy B. Harrill
Jennifer Chandler Hauge and James Lawrence
Mary E. Hawkins
Grace Catherine Hegarty
Ben and Jennifer Helwig
Arthur Hermann
Kenneth Hill
Katherine Hillas
Bob Hines
David Joseph Hirschman
Louise and William Hopewell
Roselyn Hopkins
Denise Horner
Joseph T. and Mary M. Howard
Dale Hunt
Terence Hurley
Laura Hutson
Jared Irvine
Benjamin Ivins
Cyril Jacquot
Jim and Diana Jamieson
Keith and Tari Janssen
Stephanie Jenson
Johnny Jesson
Erik R. Johnson
Joanne Johnson
Steve Johnson
Joiner da Silva Charitable Giving Fund
Jonathan E. Hardis Charitable Fund
Jim Jorling and Kathy Kirchner
Molly Kairn
David Kanazawa
Marc Kannenberg
Joseph F. Kanney
Jane Kehler
Donald Kehne
Elizabeth Kehne
Marjorie Kehne
Carolina Kenrick
Tanya Kennedy
Mary Kenzie
Ritch Kepler and Elizabeth Gardner
Robert H. Kessler
John J. and Anne C. Killeen
G. Russell Kincaid
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Brian Klein
Gary J. Klein
Adele M. Knott
Kathleen Koehler
Jeffrey Komarow
Robert Kramer
Holger Kray
Kathy and Jim Kruger
Maigonis V. and Tija Krumins
Patrick Kuhlmann
John Kun
Mackinnon Lawrence
John League
Howard Lee and Debra Lee James
Peggy Lee
Mike and Allison Leotta
Pamela Levine
Benjamin Lifsey
Tobias Linden
Harold Logsdon
Virginia Luster
Jason Mabe
Daniel Barstow Magraw
Shawn Maher
Eifiona Main
Kristen Mangold
Thomas Owen Mann
Athan Manuel
Louis and Edythe Manza
Isabel L. Marbury-Mauro
Tom Markarian
Marod Family Fund
Hiroko Masamune
Stephanie L. Mason
John T. Masters
Kieran and Alisa Mays
Dennis D. and Diane K. McCarthy
Matthew McClymont
Linda McCormick
James McDermott
Mike McDermott
Michelle McDonnell
Peggy McEwan
Diane McGurgan
Christina M. McIntyre
David McKibbin
David P. McMasters
Donald McNellis
Kara McNulty
Paul Meehan
Tatjana Meerman
Dale and Elizabeth Meers
Jeannette Mendonca
Barry and Susan Merritt
Craig and Ilene Miller
William H. and Jean Atkinson Mitchell
Jean F. Montgomery
Daniel Moore and Joanne Goodrich
Thomas Moore
Alla Morrison
Michael E. and Maryvance M. Morrisroe
Daniel Moscovici
Charlotte Moser
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Elizabeth Mountz
Peter A. Munk
John and Barbara Newland
Nancy Newton
Matthew Bikecamper Norris
Mia O’Connell
Bruce M. O’Neill
Sandra Occhipinti
George L. Ohrstrom II

Max Parrott
Karen Pence
John and Michelle Person
David and Betsy Peters
Abigail Pierson
Christopher Pierson
Gerald and Janet Pietsch
Frank J. Pisano
Maryvonne Plessis-Fraissard
Patricia Pollitzer
Val Pomper
David Powell
John Mark Power
Michael and Carolyn Prudich
Sandy Quick
Donald Ray Ramsey, Sr.
Deborah Ratner
Karen Reczek
Jack Regula
Andrew Reiman
John Rentzepis and Virginia Poole
Brody Reppe
Kipling Reynolds
Eric and Tammy L. Rhoades
Lori and Harry Rieckelman
Stephen H. and Bette Ries
Marianne Roderick
Tom Rohrabaugh
David Romanowski
Elisabeth Rood
Anne Rosen
Jeffrey Rosen
Mark Alan Rosen
Paul B. Rosenberg
Marcia Rounsaville
William Kirk Roy
Robert J. and Fran A. Rubin
Niklaus Salafsky and Julia Segre
Andrew L. Sandler and Karen Lee Degerberg
Jennifer Sara
Joel and Amy Saydoff
Lydia Schindler
Maria Schofer
Robert and Josefa Scholz
Edward and Joan Schupp
Eric Schweitzer
Jan Schwinn
Laurel M. Schwinn
Paul Schwinn
Alyson Chrzan Scott
Carol Scott
Deborah Sears
David M. Segal
Guy and Dana Semmes
Raphael and Katherine B. Semmes
Michael Sendar and Louann Sinclair
Marlene J. Severson and David Cooley
Thomas Shaffer and Karen Vander Linde
Philip Shanholtzer
Judith Weil Shanks
Terry and Susan Sharer
Karen M. Sherman
Topper and Alison Shutt
Simon and Nancy Sidamon-Eristoff
Joe and Julie Siler
Kenneth D. Simonson
Peter Simpson
Larry B. Slagle
Gary Keller Smith
Peter Neal and Carolyn Smith
Henry and Judith Sondheimer
James Spangenberg
Alastair Speare-Cole
Jeffrey Sprouse
Robert and Katherine Stenerson
Steven Steinbach
Lee and Pat Stine
Jessica Poppele Stone
Grace A. Stover
Larry and Kathleen Stovicek
Robert Strauss and Miriam Schneider
Walt Stull and Diane Ellis
Henry Su
Philip and Margot Sunshine
John Swartz
Janet Szamosszegi
Jeffrey J. Tarbert and Madylyn B. Cafruny
Timothy B. Taylor
Don and Karen Thibeau
Kenneth Thomas
Gary and Elizabeth Thompson
Michael Robert Torrisi
Kenneth and Teresa Troxell
Rick Tucker
Richard Tullos
John D. Tuthill
Lawrence Tyburski
Dilawar and Lois Uthman
John S. and Kathy K. Uzzo
Antoine Van Agtmael
John Van De Weert
Deborah Vaughn
Dan and Yon Wacker
Jennifer Waite
Matthew Wald
Joseph M. Walsh
Jan Wasley
Matthew Waurio
Weatherlea LLC
Philip and Barbara Weinstein
Andrew West
Bjorn Westergard
Susan Wexler
Dennis White
Masako White
Roland and Lee Gillespie White
James Whittle
Gary A. Wilhelm
Roger Williams and Ginger Macomber
Philip Wirtz
Gregory S. Wilson
Morrisann Wilson
Ronald Wilson
David and Tyler Whitmore
Francis Wodarczyk
Tyra Wolfsberg
Matthew Woodill
Dustin Wright
Denis Yaro
John and Elizabeth Zinner


Fred and Ann Abeles
Jeffrey Adler
Leslie Aguila
Lynda Allemong
Rob and Cynthia
David A. Anderson
Heather Anderson
Ralph Andy
Mary Anne Simon
Angela Antonopoulos
Michelle Appelbaum
Stan Arnold
Constance C. Arvis
Juan Ascoli
Reynolds Atkins
Samuel H. Austell
Tina Babicz
Jeffrey Baker
Leslie Baldwin
Barbara Baldwin
Miranda Ballentine
Rahul Banerjee
Bannockburn Community Club
Robert Baranek
Aidan Barnes
James S. Barnes
Valarie Barr and Roger Paden
David Barr
Nancy Barry
Karen Bass
Hugh and Molly Baumgardner
Laura Baxter
Shawn Beal
Beans in the Belfry
Steven Douglas Beatrice
Elizabeth L. Bedard
Marvin S. Beitler
Beitler Charitable Trust
Hedrick Belin and Mary Bissell
Lisa R. Belliveau
Marion Belyea
Jo Belyea-Doerrman
Dale Bentz
Barbara Berg
Philip and Toby Berman
Shira Bernholtz
Kristen Billings
Mark Binsted
Matthew Birnbaum
Norman W. and Carol A. Birzer
Thomas G. Blair
Anna Blasco
Jennifer Blevins
Elisabeth K. Boas and Arthur B. Spitzer
Krista Boccio
Laura Bogomolny
Tom Bolgiano
Jessica Bond
Michael Bornmann
Peggy Bosch
Ida Bostian
Tama Botizan
Patricia Bowditch
Elizabeth Bracey
Peter Brandriss
Scott Bricker
Kathryn K. Brower
Frederick and Janet Brown
Nathan Brown
William C. Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Clarence Brown
Lori Browning
Rebecca Brunner
Michael Bucci
Joyce Budman
John Burdick
Rebekah Burke
Michael Burke
Tim Burkholder
Harold and Sally Burman
Marian Burros
Geoff Butland
John Butler
Rich Caccese
Daniel Cain
Julia Calomaris
Nancy E. Canada
John Canan
Leslie R. Carbaugh
Annie Carbaugh
Shelley Carey
Richard and Mitsu Carl
Alison Carr
Frank Cassee
Richard P. Cember
Jimmy Chen
Brent and Janice Chippendale
David S. C. Chu and Laura L. Tosi
Gina L. Cicotello
Monica Claussen
David Cleaves
Charles and Barbara Clements
Sheila S. Cochran
Samuel Cogar
Joel Ivan Cohen
Justin Cole
Diane Cole
Maria Collier
John Collinge
Timothy Collyer
J. Trevor Cone
Debbi Corey
Andrew Coulouris
John Coyle
James and Lise Crafton
James Creighton
Betsy Crisafulli
Ryan Crowley
David and Aileen Curfman
Brendan Curley
Amy Curren
James A. and Gayle E. Curtis
Dick and Linda Cushwa
Paule Dahl
Harry D’Andrea
Jerome and Patricia Danoff
Rachael E. Darkow
Christine Davey
Allan P. Davis
Bradley Davis
Ruth Davis-Rogers
Jacob Day
John DeGange
James Dell and Kathi Foley
Kirsten Denney
Claire L. H. Dickey
Gregory R. DiCostanzo
Catherine Dill
Abigail Dodson
Glenn Doerrman
Beth Donaldson
Change Donations
Megan Donovan
Kevin P. Dopart
Cinnamon Dornsife
Sarah Dorrance
David Doyle
Sarah Drury
Christine Dub
Lianne Dugan
Claudia Dushman
Leslie Dykstra
Julia Easton
Gabriel Eby
Matthew Edgar
Katherine Edlund
Jon Edmonds
Ellen Egan
Bridget Ehart
Michael Elliott
Sharon G. Elstein
Robert Engelman
Carol Evans
Lee Evans
Thomas Eyler
Robert L. Failor
Peggy Fallon
Mark Farrar
Barbara Faulkenberry
Michael Feiler
Rachel Feldman
Loretta Anne Feldman
Suzanne Felix
Keith Finlay
Leslie Finster
Leslie Ann Fiorilla
Shalom Flank
Michael Flickinger
Ashley Flory
John Foley
Lynne Foltz
William and Nancy Foster
Simon V. Fowler
Michael Fragale
Mayo and Pearl Friedlis
Bethany Fuss
Carolyn Galizio
Gerard and Constance Gallucci
Matthew Gamser
Jennifer Gan
Ken Ganatra
Shelley Gaskins
Cheryl Gendron
Tony Gianninoto
Jade Gingerich
Barbara Gingrich
Katie Giraulo
Givinga Foundation Inc
Joseph and Heidi Glatfelter Schlag
Madeleine Gleave
Jeff Gold
William P. Golden
Brian Goldgeier
Charles Goldman
Karen Good
Craig and Darlene Gordon
Douglas Gorecki
Joseph Gorney
Karen Graffam
Katie Graichen
Stephen Grant
Yelena Grant

Carl Graziano
Christine Graziano
Clara M. Green
Jake Greenberg
David Greenblum
Karen Grote
Sarah Grote
Mary Gwynn
Jeffrey Haeni
Cornelia Hall
Kris Haltmeyer
David Hamilton
Harriet Handler
Elizabeth Handley and Thomas Lupp
David Handzo and Mary Dodson
Robert Hanson
Shaun Hardy
John Hare
James Harmon
Benjamin Hart
John L. Hartge
Jeffrey Hartley
Phoebe Hathaway
andrea hathorn
Gaelyn Hauser
Kay Haynes
Carole Hayward
Meredyth Hazzard
Michael Edward Heaney
B. Carter Hearn, Jr. and Ursy Potter
Beth Heinly
Jeanne Hepperle
Nicholas Herber
Michael Herndon
Jennifer Herrmann
Robert Herscowitz
Carol Anne Highsaw
Patricia L. Hilton
Jessica Hirschhorn
Maria Hoatson
Frank Holleman
Roberta and Philip W. Horton
Kara Hose
Roy Howard
Angela Howell
Forest Howell
Jim Hoyt
Linda Hudson and Jerome Herbers, Jr.
Ellen Hudson
Sandra Hull and Elizabeth Llewellyn
Gregory Humes
Peter Hutchinson
Nancy Hwa
Janice Hylton
Eric Hyman
Smriti Iyengar
Lester A. Jackson IV
Gregory James
William James
James E. and Barbara Jarboe
Tom Jelen
Jennifer Jenson
David A. Jett
Johns Hopkins Health Systems
Beverly Johnson
Todd Johnson
Peter Jordan
William Jordan
Kuriacose Joseph
JustGive – Great Nonprofits
Jonathan Kaplan
Patrick Kapust
Tatiana Karpova
John and Katie Katinas
Howard B. Katz
Linda Kean
David M. Kehne and Katherine L. Green
Paul Keller
Paul and Juliana Kelley
Julia S. Kelly
Christopher Kelsey
Dhananjaya Kempegowda
Zachary Kennedy
George Kennett
Vandana Ramesh Kharod
Nicole Kimball
Jonah Kind
Ellen Kinzer and Bob Schwartz
Thomas Kirsch
Beth Kissinger
Helena M. Klumpp
Dan Knutsen
June C. Koontz
Jonathan A. Kopp
Kelly Korreck
Steven Kover
Nicholas Kozmin
Elliot Scoville Krafsur
Carl Kress
Kathy Krieger
Usha Krishnamurthy
Leslie Kruger
Sheila K. Kryston
Shari Kuhn
Gregory Kuns
Mariska Labamoff
Cameron Lane
Richard Larson
Joelle Laszlo
Tracy Laughlin
B.E. Layton
Thomas A. LeBlanc
David Lefever
Richard and Lindsay Leggin
Steven Lehnhard
Amanda Leichliter
Michael Lenardo
Emily Leonard
Jeanne LeRoux
Linda Leslie
Bret Leslie and Karen Stern
Karen Lesser
Lance Letterio
Denise Levis
William Levitan and Jackie Lewis
Denise Levitan
Christine Ley
Norman Liebow
Barbara Lindberg
Shane Linden
Wayne and Vicki Lindgren
Richard Liroff
Mark Littman
Daniel Gomez Lobo
Elizabeth Locke
Terry Lockridge
Matthew Logan
Catherine Lorrain
Clifford Loudermilk
Kathryn Lough-McAteer
Laurie Loughney
Benjamin Loving
Jeffrey and Fonda Lowe
Kendra Lucas
Valerie Lutz
Elizabeth MacGregor
Chris Maciuba
Janine E Mahraun
Deborah Marine
Lucky Marks
Curtis L. Marshall
Charles Michael Martin
Maryland Charity Campaign
Sabrina Massett
Joan Mathews
Herbert Mathews
David Matthes
Elliot Maxwell
Patricia Mayernik
Thompson Mayes
George Maynard
Harrison McAlpine
Lindsay McAuliffe
John McCabe and Helene Devonshire
Kevin McCarthy
Melinda McCartin
Edgar McCulloch
Mike McDonnell
Wally McDonnell
Kimberly McGrath
Judith McGuire and Arthur Tsien
Marissa McInturff
Chris McLaughlin
Jeanne McVey
Brian and Carolyn Mease
Laura Mei
Donald Timothy Meier
John D. Meier
Janice Melchiore
Robin Melnick
Jesse Melton
Jo A. Mercer
Elizabeth Sherrill Merritt
Harry B. Meyer and Lesley A. Kash
Marlin E. Meyers
Michael C. Mitchell Consulting, LLC
Darlene Miklos
Clyde Miller
William Miller
Zachary Miller
Mike Mitchell
David Mitchell
Michael Mittelholzer
Elisabeth D. Mohler
Derick Moore and Robin Mee
Judith B. Morenoff
James F. Morris
Alan and Karen Moshel
William Mounfield
Jill Muir
Maureen Ellen Mulderig
Quinn Tolbert Mulholland
Pat Munoz
Barbara Murphy
Brian Murphy
Heidi Myers
Tom and Katherine Myers
Meredith Myers
Thomas Nardone and Edith Lam
Ryan Nau
Jennifer Naum
Nicholas Naum
Apoorva Reddy Neelapu
Sharon Neubauer

Ronald and Margaret Neumann
Annette L. Newell
Reggie D. Nguyen
Donald Nicoletta
Michael Noble
Brad Northrup and Jody Bolz
Sally Norton-Darr
Ashley and Dean Notabartolo
William Nuckols
JoAnn Nutter
Carol Oberdorfer
Anne-Louise Oliphant
David Wayne Oliver
Katherine Ollinger
Ann OMalley
Brian Orgen
Coreta Osborne
Mary A. Pacelli
Joe Paduda
Michael Palfreyman
David Pankiewicz
Mark Pankin
Mary Panneton
Christian Parker
Jessica Patey
Corey Pattison
Linda J. Paulson
Deborah Peeples
Catherine Peltier
Sue Perry
Sarah Peters
Jared Petravicius
Kathy Phillips
Sherri Philpott
Matthew and Suzanne Picard
Ronald Pilling
J. Richard and Martha Pine
David L. and Barbara A. Plume
Richard W. Pollard
Daniel I. Pollard
Helaine Posner
Tynan Power
Martin Prestage
Hannah Purkey
Jonathan Putnam
John Rabner
Jane Radford
Michael Radkowsky
Stephen J. Rapp
Sara Ratcliffe
Annie Read
Harvinder Rehal
Heather Reichardt
Claire Reinburg
Gary Reisner
Mia Renauld
William Resnicow
Lynn Reynolds
Ed and Linda Rhodes
Marie Ridder
Rob and Cynthia
Asiya Robbins
David D. Evans and Ruth N. Robbins
James Roberson
Susan E. Roberts
Edward Robichaud
Hugh Robinson and Marilyn Stone
Bruce Robison
Jane Roderick
Franklin Rogers
Andreas Rohde
Carlos Roqué
Joel Rosenfeld
Alissa Rosenstein
Jack Ruback
Ben Sade
Mike Samuelson
Andrew and Amy Sargent
Geoffrey Saunders
Susan Scarpelli
Thomas Scheffer
Mark Schmit
Sergio Schmukler
Joshua L. Schonfeld
Karen Schroeter
Timothy Schum
Lori Schumacher
Andrew Schwab
Steven Schwartz MD FAAFP
Stephanie Schwinn
Laurie Sears
Gary F. and Teri F. See
Becky Segall
Bruce Seibt
Janne Sevanto
Elizabeth Shaffer
Cynthia J. Shank
James E. Shank
Sheinberg Family Fund
Joel Sherman
Michelle D. Shinn
Julie L. Shoemaker
Paul Silberman
Steven Silverstein
Eric Simmon
Shauna Simon
Simon Says Yoga, LLC
Joel Simonson
Mickie Simpson
Dan Sisson
Donald Sladkin
Austin Slater
Amazon Smile
Anthony Smith
Nelson Smith
Scott Smith
Burton Smith and Karla Timmons
Shannon Smith
Tracey Smith
Leigh Sours
Martha Spak
Declan Spealman
William and Stacey Sperow
Pamela Sperry
Stuart Spielman
James Sprecher
Heidi Sproat
Jonathan Steinberg
Jeffrey Steinberg
Nancy Stelling
Claudia Stevendon
Elaine Stonebraker
Jukka-Pekka Strand
Robert Strasser
Karen E. Strick
Cynthia Strittmatter
Amanda Stroud
Brent Stuart
Leslie Stutzman-Solitario
John Sullivan
Chad Summerville
Donald L. and Christine H. Sylvester
Charles and Lee Talisman
Irene Tata
Stephen D. Taylor
Michelle Thawley
Ashley Thomas
Nico Thomas
Susan Dean Thomas
Paul Tilley
William Todd
James Togashi
Andrew townsend
Cathy L. Townsend
Corrie Troxel
Richard L. Troxell
Kemal Tuncer
Cat Turner
Virginia Twombly
United Health Group
Ilsabe Urban
Chris Urban
Matthew Valvano
Carli van Booma
David Vandivier
Dianne Vandivier
Michellle Vanneman
Maria Vassileva
Sion Vaughan-Thomas and Cathy Pedtke
Victor Vergara
Ben Vickery
Maria Villafuerte
Melissa Walker
Emily Walsh
Hilary Walsh
Robert R. and Nadja Ward
Jeremiah Ward
John Warren
Leslie Warren
Washington Metro Oasis
Joseph Weaver
Shannon Webb
Richard Webber
Kenneth Webster
Andrea Weddle
Don Weinstein
Allison Weiss
Kelley Westenhoff
Robert A. Westgate and Fiona Sigalla
Barbara Blass Wetzel
Susan and Michael Whalton
Tim Whetzel
Deborah White
Betsy White
Vera Wiest
Steven William and Jane L. Lewis
Neil Williams
Brad Wilson
Elnora Wilson
Stephen and Barbara Wilson
Robert Wise
Christy Wise
Janet Wittenberg
Sarah A. Woller
Paul Wood
Adena Kim Wygmans
Jian Xie
James T. Yenckel and Sandra L. Lafevre
Karyn Younkins
Vanessa Yu
Ruth Zalonis
Monica Zerry
Uzra Zeya
Charles Zitrick
Marcus Zobrist
Davide Zucchini
Susan Zweighaft and Richard J. Reed


In memory of Eve M. Andre
    John Andre

In memory of Pete Beers
     Andrew Reiman

In memory of Robert H. Benson
     Charlotte Moser

In memory of William Robert Blitz
     Vandana Ramesh Kharod
     Deborah Vaughn

In memory of Deacon Brew
     Leslie Ann Fiorilla
     Shawn Maher

In memory of Mike Coffey
     Jim Everett and Carolyn Roberts

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Cohen
     Joel Ivan Cohen

In memory of Bruce Coxon
     Hilary Walsh

In memory of Motley Crue, the dog
     Chris and Jane Martens

In memory of James Curfman
     David and Aileen Curfman

In memory of Larry Dean
     Susan Dean Thomas

In memory of William O. Douglas
     Nancy E. Canada

In memory of William Failor
     Robert L. Failor

In memory of Dexter Foss
     Sarah P. Foss

In memory of Damond Gordon
     Ted Spiegler

In memory of Hugo Hablitzel, Great Falls Superintendent
     Bob Hines

In memory of Pamela Jean Haynes
     Kay Haynes

In memory of Albert Kapust
     Patrick Kapust

In memory of Dr. Bernard Wayne Knott
     Adele M. Knott

In memory of Allan Kover
     Steven Kover

In memory of Henry R. Mastroni
     Sharon Marlene Mastroni

In memory of Stuart McCaull
     Tom Rohrabaugh

In memory of Urte Walter McNellis
    Donald McNellis

In memory of Pat Miller
     Brian and Melissa Walker

In memory of Shirrell Moore
     Beth Haubach

In memory of Edward Morenoff
     Blechman-Morenoff Foundation

In memory of John Mountz
     Elizabeth Mountz

In memory of Jeremy P. Mulderig
     Maureen Ellen Mulderig

In memory of Joan Paull
     Linda J. Paulson

In memory of Mark Pearl
     Cynthia J. Shank

In memory of Dave Pomper
     Val Pomper

In memory of Fred Protopappas
     Michael Feiler
     Joan Mathews

In memory of Stanley and Dorothy Rodbell
     Ted Spiegler

In memory of Kathleen Rounds
     Elisabeth D. Mohler

In memory of Rhoda and Harold Standig
     Michelle Appelbaum

In memory of Frederick O. Swain
     Beverly Ann Swain

In memory of George W. ‘Hooper’ Wolfe
     Vicki Bender
      Sarah Drury

In memory of Gene Wright
      Ritch Kepler and Elizabeth Gardner


In honor of Samuel Lincoln Jack Alvord and Family
     Julia S. Kelly

In honor of Patricia Barber
     Lynda DeWitt
     Linda McCormick

In honor of Gay Barclay
     Carter and Peggy Bacon
     Kerry Dinneen

In honor of Aidan Barnes
     Janine E. Mahraun

In honor of Jim Blair
     Catherine Blair

In honor of Mark Bolgiano
     Tom Bolgiano

In honor of Leslie Brettschneider
     Brett Brettschneider

In honor of Cyrille Briançon
     Julie L. Shoemaker

In honor of Bill Brown
     William C. Brown

In honor of Ted Buis
     Deborah Sears

In honor of Alan Cashell
     Vanessa Yu

In honor of Bill and Lauran Clowser
     Leslie R. Carbaugh

In honor of Steve Chaudet
     Linda and Arthur Rodbell

In honor of Nicholas Clements
     June Elizabeth Dosik

In honor of Stephen Cogar
     Samuel Cogar

In honor of Linda Collyer
     Timothy Collyer

In honor of Mario de Zamaroczy
     Grace Catherine Hegarty

In honor of Mary Ihns Eklund
     Susan L. Beeman

In honor of Mike Feldman
     Rachel Feldman

In honor of Lesley Furlong
     Michael Lenardo

In honor of Kathy and Jim Goldgeier
     Brian Goldgeier

In honor of Lenny Goldman
     Anne Rosen

In honor of Francis Grant-Suttie
     Robert V. and Roxanne Fleming
     Michael Sendar and Louann Sinclair

In honor of Ambassador Marc Grossman
     Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR)

In honor of John Guttmann
     Claude and Nancy Keener Charitable Fund

In honor of Tom Hanson
     Carolyn Galizio

In honor of Jonathan Harrill
    Roy B. Harrill

In honor of Rachel and John King
     Mary Kenzie

In honor of Theodore Krug
     Adena Kim Wygmans

In honor of Leslie Kruger
     June C. Koontz
     Kathy and Jim Kruger

In honor of Jacqueline Lesser
     Karen Lesser

In honor of Stephanie Mason
     Carol Anne Highsaw
     Robert Williamson and Caryl McNeilly

In honor of Georgann Meadows
     Dennis White

In honor of Michael Mitchell
     Harold and Marilyn Danker
     Cliff and Deborah White
     Cliff and Deborah White Family Foundation

In honor of Rod Newton
     Marianne Roderick

In honor of the Paw Paw Tunnel
     Leslie Dykstra

In honor of Amy Peters
     Sarah Peters

In honor of Rachelle and Dan
     Shalom Flank

In honor of Chip Ried
     Ted Spiegler

In honor of John Schell
     Jeffrey Berger and Diane Arkin

In honor of Heidi Glatfelder-Schlag, Patricia Barber, and Becky Curtis
     Bruce and Kathleen Poole

In honor of Julie and Jess Steinberg
     Shira Bernholtz

In honor of Janet White
     Amanda White


The Daofeng & Angela Foundation Bench Collaboration:
     Mile 65.2 – Dargan Bend
     Mile 80.5 – Upriver from Taylors Landing
     Mile 89.2 – Spring Dell Rd
     Mile 98.1 – Williamsport
     Mile 99.8 – Cushwa Basin
     Mile 103.44 – Gift Rd
     Mile 106 – Dam 5 Rd
     Mile 109.3 – Four Locks
     Mile 161.5 – Lock 67
     Mile 172.7 – Spring Gap

In memory of Neviot Teva Galil  
     Mile 5 – Lock 5

In memory of Alison Levine
     Mile 8.43 – Lock 8 Access

Natalie and Grandma Elinor
     Mile 12 – Anglers downriver

In honor of Donald M. Sladkin, trail steward
     Mile 12.8 – Billy Goat A Exit

In memory of William E. and Annette Hanna
     Mile 14 – Olmstead Island

Bob and Eileen Rabson
     Mile 30.6 – Chisel Branch Hiker Biker Campsite


Sandra Adams
Jen Cromer
Eric Jacobs
Michael Marmer

Caryl McNeilly
Karen Possner
Joy Pritts

Dennis Shiflet
Ingrid Sunzenauer
Sandy Vogelgesang


First Energy Foundation

Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern
M&T Bank Foundation
Clark Construction
Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Minkoff Development Corporation
The Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail
Toll Brothers
Younger Toyota


Gay and Tony Barclay
Knight and Ann Kiplinger
Crescent Cities Charities
J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
V Squared Workshop
Michael and Denise Cetta
John Guttmann and Holly Cannon
A.R. Landsman Foundation

Jewell Foundation

Minkoff Development Corporation
Marsha and Alan Paller
US Pharmacopeia
Sandra Adams
Paul and Laurie Juola
Visit Hagerstown
Barratt-Brown/Dewey Family
Stephen and June Chaudet

Lou and Martine Dubin
Marc Grossman
Lorna Hainesworth
Dembo Jones, P.C
Mike and Sue Mitchell
Sandy Vogelgesang and Geoffrey Wolfe

Robin and Mike Zanotti


Phoebe Barreto
Lisa Belliveau
Jo Belyea-Doerrnan
Justin Cole
Lauren Goebel
Lorna Hainesworth

Susan Jenson
John Kehne
Jacob Matz
John Moyer
Matthew Nau
Ronald Piervincenzi

John Mark Power
Katie Rapp
Stephanie Schwinn
Gary Thompson
Greg Wilson
Ned White


Bavarian Inn Resort & Brewing Company

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races

Top image by Paul Graunke