2019-2020 Honor Roll of Donors

The Board of Directors and the staff of the C&O Canal Trust wish to thank all of our donors who have generously supported our work over the last fiscal year.

The following Honor Roll of Donors reflects all giving between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. Every attempt has been made to ensure this list is complete. If we have excluded you in error, please contact Lauren Riviello, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 301-745-8880.

* denotes William O. Douglas Society, our leadership donor society named for the late Justice William O. Douglas.

+ denotes Patowmack Society, individuals who have made provision in their estate plans for the C&O Canal Trust.

$25,000 and up
Gay and Tony Barclay*
Charles H. Miller Charitable Foundation
Daofeng and Angela He*
Daofeng & Angela Foundation Corporation

Sandy Iru Grace*
John Guttmann and Holly Cannon*
Mann Paller Foundation
Maryland Historical Society
Alan and Marsha Paller*
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott*
Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc.
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Mary K. Bowman Fund for Historical and Fine Arts
L. Paul Bremer*
Buffone Family Foundation
Susan Buffone*
Stephen and June Chaudet*
Paul and Gail Chod*
Community Foundation of Washington County
Eastern National
Exelon Corporation
Thomas D. and Kathleen L. Fingleton*
FirstEnergy Foundation
Michael and Susie Gelman*
Francis and Carolyn F. Grant-Suttie*
Guest Services, Inc.
The Jewell Foundation
Edward and Arleen Kessler*
Kiplinger Family Foundation
Knight and Ann Kiplinger*
A.R. Landsman Foundation
Lisa Landsman*
Mars Foundation
Minkoff Development Corporation
Morningstar Foundation
Howard Morse and Laura Loeb*
Geoff and Elizabeth Patterson*
Karen Beth Possner and Stan Wiggins*+
Nora Roberts Foundation
Deborah Schumann*
Richard and Anne Wallace*
Cliff and Deborah White*
Cliff and Deborah White Family Foundation
World Bank Group

Sandra Adams*+
Jack B. and B. Marie Byers*
Michael and Denise Cetta*
David and Page Dekker*
Sherif and Norma Ettefa*
Mary Ann Fisher*
Marc Grossman and Mildred Patterson*
Celia and Marcel Harper, a donor advised fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Jessie Harris*
Paul and Laurie Juola*
John and Rachel King*
John and Rachel King Foundation
Paul and Stacy Krogh*
Katherine Wunder Lunceford*
M&T Charitable Foundation
Mitchell Family Foundation
Mike and Sue Mitchell*
Robert and Dana Reisse*
Edward Ryan*
Sidgmore Family Foundation
Ed Sowell*
Bert and Amy Swain*
Thai McGreivy, M.D. Memorial Fund
Jonathan Moore Warner*
Mike and Robin Zanotti*

Elizabeth Barratt-Brown and Bos Dewey*
Steve and Carolyn Bou*
Bou Family Foundation, Inc.
David and Eileen M. Brooks*
Buchanan Family Foundation
Bill and Heidi Bumpers
C&O Canal Association
Sally Cameron*
Anne Elizabeth Carlson*
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Stan and Linda Collyer*
William Randall and Lisa Cone*
John Dema*
William T. N. and Michele C. Farquhar*
Linda Fisher*
Robert V. and Roxanne Fleming*
Sarah P. Foss*
Mary Beth Foster*
Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern
Frohman LaTorre Charitable Gift Fund
Lois C. Glatfelter*
Jeanne Grillo*
Guide Foundation
Jane Guiliano*
Pamela Gwaltney*
Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Carrie Halpert*
Donald and Elizabeth Harrison*
Chris and Nora Hohenlohe*
Liz Koehl-Teller and Ben Teller*
Catherine Luke*
Gerald Lutes and Marsha Zellem*
Mastercard Impact Fund
James Menzies*
Robert and Pamela Mertz*
William B. and Karen O. Newman*
Mark Obrinsky*
Racine MultiSports
RBC Wealth Management
Michael Rogan*
Alicia Saffer*
John and Bobbi Schnebly*
Roy and Ase Sewall*
Dennis S. Shiflet*+
Anthony and Deanna Stacy*
Jessica Poppele Stone*
Vinod and Maria L. Thomas*
Steuart and Linda Thomsen*
Barbara Boyle Torrey*
Viasat, Inc.
Sandy Vogelgesang and Geoffrey Wolfe*+
Charles A. and Eleanor V. Weidenfeller, Jr.*
Katherine Harding Wunder Foundation
Younger Toyota

ACT for Alexandria
Lucy Alexander
American Association for State and Local History
American Endowment Foundation
Arimo Associates, Inc.
Stan and Shelley Balis
The Robert and Amy Barker Foundation
Michael and Phyllis Bayer
David T. and Sue S. Beddow
James Biasco
Booz Allen Hamilton Community Partnerships
Peter and Vicky Bross
Alan W. Cashell
Cashell Charitable Fund
Frank and Victoria Chang
Dean and Susan Cinkala
Nicholas Clements
Philip L. and Rosemary M. Collyer
Community Foundation of
Frederick County
Alison and Paul Coppock
David Crookston
Robert and Ann Pelham Cullen
Steven Davidson
Deanna Dawson
Caroline Devine
Edward Duncan
Kenneth and Diane Feinberg
Steve and Marie France
Greg and Christie Gosnell
David and Linda Groverman
Anya C. Grundmann
Paul Hagen
Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area
Steve Herman
William Holdsworth
Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold
International Monetary Fund
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
JMK Family Fund
Marc and Rebecca Korman
Steven L. and Jacqueline C. Leifer
Joseph Lipscomb and Laura Will
Michael Mann and Carol Salzman
Keith I. McConnell
Philip T. Evans and Colleen M. McEnroe
Jason Michel
Minerva Fund
Elisabeth D. Mohler
Michael and Kathleen Moran
Reid Ogden
Bruce and Kathleen Poole
Joy Pritts+
Marianne Roderick
Bruce E. Rosenblum
Robert Rotunno and Sabrina Pacifici
Julian Schweitzer
Seibert Wright Family
Charitable Fund
Peg Shaw and Gary Sikora
Jan Shelburne and James Pastoriza
Topper and Alison Shutt
Stanley and Jolene Sloter
Stanley and Jolene Sloter Family Foundation
Lafe E. Solomon and Catherine Crockett
Dan and Janette Spedden
Ted Spiegler
Herb and Jane Stevens
Teetsel and Jacobs Charitable Fund
Daniel C. Tiedge
Tourism Council of Frederick County
Velo Amis Inc.
Washington Fine Properties
Edward and Sheila Weidenfeld
Timothy and Alba-Marina Williams

Janice Anderson
Simon and Patricia Barber
Pamela Bass
William Francis Bavinger
Susan Beall
James R. and Karen K. Beardsley
Marcia Clark Blisard
Andrew and Kaye Boesel
Karen Bokat
Larry and Marilyn Brock
Joseph and Susan Brookreson
Samuel Buffone
William Byron
James G. and Sarah E. Cahill
Susan Carlson
Robert L. Carpenter
Tom Chappell
Michael Christie
David Clark
Mark W. and Lucinda A. Shay Cleveland
Jessie Colgate
Cathleen Cooper
Gretchen Cover
Michaela Daniel
Geoffrey and Meg Dawson
Michael J. Desmond
Marco and Anne Di Capua
Jenny Divver
Christopher C. Dunford
Fast Lane Car Sales
Eric Froehlich
Michael Gadbaw
Benjamin Gaddy
Daniel Gallagher
Elizabeth Garner
Jim Gilchrist
Alan C. Gill
Claudia Gould
Alan Gourley and Sarah Brown
Karen Mary Gray
Cameron Hamilton
Patricia Harvey
Ben and Jennifer Helwig
Kathryn R. Henry
Thomas W. Holland
Kim and Denise Horner
Michael and Carol Joseph
Christopher Kelly
Emily King
Arthur Latterner
Carolyn H. Levine
Lisa Levine and Cathy Rutherford
Jackie Lewis and William Levitan
Tobias Linden
Erin MacStravic
Steven and Janet Magel
Daniel Mah and Rachel Hines
Shawn Maher
Harry and Deb Malone
Judith Mansfield
Marathon Charity Corporation
Michael and Linda Marmer
Henry Roger and Sharon
Marlene Mastroni
Steven and Andrea Matney
Matt and Linda McCormick
Chris McIsaac and Tracey Braun
Anthony Miller
Kevin and Laura Miller
Megan Mirmelstein
Jonathan and Bradley Moore
Judith B. Morenoff
Alfred H. Moses
James and Ann Nelson
Lawrence Novey and Sue Cohn
Michael and Lisa Opsahl
Bob Palermo
Nicholas Panebianco
Margaret Parlato
Julie Pavlin
Val Pomper
Judith Rankin
Ilana Reyes
Abbie Lynn Ricketts
Thomas B. Riford
Robert A. Robbins and Marjorie Cohen
Eddy Rogers
Harold and Victoria Sakayan
Will Shafroth
Philip Shanholtzer
Alejandro Silva
Richard Smith
Ronald and Carol Stickney
Mark Stover
John H. Sturc
Noeleen Sullivan
Beverly Ann Swain
Sonya M. Tsiros
Myra Turoff
William Walderman
David and Debora Warrenfeltz
Sheila Rabb and Edward Lee Weidenfeld Charitable Fund
Roland White and Lee Gillespie-White
James Whittle
Keith and Christine Williams
John A. and Margery A. Ziegler

Fred and Ann Abeles
Stephen Abraham
Muhitdin Ahunhodjaev
William G. Allman
Jennifer Alvidrez
Scott Anderson and Lida Fitts
Christopher Anthony
Scott and Margi Arnold
Sheri Arnold
Samuel H. Austell
Zoltan and Theda Bagdy
Catherine A. Baker
Pamela Lane Baldwin
Stephen and Kate Baldwin
Eliza Barclay
Joan M. Barron
Douglas Barton
Sheila Bassett
Michael J. Beck
Rita M. Beier Braman
Darr Beiser
Judith Bell
Donald and Catherine Bellenger
Lisa R. Belliveau
Guy B. Beltz
Bruce and Susan Bender
Katherine Benjamin
Robert L. Bertera
Elizabeth Biffl
Blake Biles and Laura Sessums
Amy and Marcia Birney
James Blair
Jeffrey Blander
Barbara Blaylock
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation
Marian Block
Bobbi Blok
Bill Blonkowski
John Bohman
Benoit Bosquet
Shayne and Robin Boucher
Dennis Bours
Jan Bove
Alma Bowers
Garland Bradfield
Sue Bremner
Cyrille and Kathy Briancon
David Brinkley
Jessica Lyman Browne
James Wayne Burge
Champe Burnley
Marian Burros
William and Marion Butler
Derek and Laura Byerlee
Laurence M. Cafritz
Angela Julia Campbell
Leslie Cannon
Juan Pablo Carriedo
Alan W. Cashell
Catherine Chatfield
Gilbert Chauny
Chevy Chase Trust Investment Advisors
Vincent Chiappinelli and Suzanne Bakshian
Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
Wayne Clark
Catherine F. Cleland
Galen and Sandy Clipp
Margaret and Dan Cogswell
Cohen Family Charitable Fund
Paula and Pablo Collins
Tim Collins
Timothy Collyer
Jack and Rita Colwell
Christina Compher
Pamela S. Cook
David Cooley and Marlene J. Severson
James J. and Kathleen M. Cooney, Jr.
Heidi Corcoran
David Cosson
Jamie Cotta
David Cottingham
Victoria Cowles
George Dale Craver
Jen Cromer**
David Crow
Cumberland Valley Athletic Club
Dennis Cumbie
Joe D’Alessandro
Timothy Daley
Carol Campbell Danielsen
Jennifer Davis
Hannah Debelius
Bryan Debshaw
Benjamin Dengler
Janice Derr
Vincent G. and Jan Desiderio, Jr.
Reid Detchon
Mary Devinney
Helen DiRenzo
Lynda DiValentin
Thomas and Phyllis Dobyns
Herbert L. and Florence L. Doggett
Beth Donaldson
John Donnelly
Debbie D’Orazio
June Dosik
Emily Douce
Richard Drury
Norma B. Dugger
Joe Dunn
Hilary Durante
Heide Eash
John and Mary Jane Euler
ExxonMobil Foundation
Elizabeth Farry
Tracie Felker
G. William and Pamela Ferguson
Sharon Rose Ferraro
Ferris Family Foundation
Steve Findeisen
The Joe W. II & Marg M. Fleming Trust
Bryan and Laura Forman
Nicole Foronda
Jeff Fox
Emily Franklin
Carl E. and Charlotte A. Frasch
Helen French
James F. Freund
Jeffrey Friedman
Michael Gable
Joanne Gabor
Clifford and Kerstin Gaddy
Philip Gagnon
Gates Venture
Diana Gaviria
Ruthanna M. Geisbert
Caroline C. Gelb
James Gelwicks
Jacqueline Gertz
John W. and Tammy Duke Gill
Anne Ginsburgh
Shannon Glass
Carol Goodloe
Saul and Gail Goodman
Michael and Lee H. Gough
John J. Graham
Mary Gramann
Gene Granof
Atalanta Grant-Suttie
Jan and Ronald Greenberg
Stacy Philipson Grenis
Craig Griffin
David P. Grum
Michelle Hachigian
William R. Hafker
Kris Haltmeyer
Virginia S. Hankins
Steven Hannes
Kelvin Hao
Dale Harburg
William Palmer Hardin
Jonathan Hardis
Steven Harrison
Mary E. Hawkins
Michael Hays and Kim Matthews
Michael Edward Heaney
Linda Herbert Thompson
Arthur Hermann
Silke Heuser
James Hochron
Kathryn B. Hokenson
Steven Hollman
Spencer Hoopes
Louise and William Hopewell
Giles and Robbins Hopkins
Joseph R. Houser
Joseph T. and Mary M. Howard
Forest Howell
I.J. Hudson IV
Linda Hudson and Jerome Herbers, Jr.
Terence Hurley
Karen Iames
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Jared Irvine
Benjamin Ivins
Cyril Jacquot
Roseanne Jahnke and David Aycock
William James
Diana Jamieson
Wonhee Jang
Erik R. Johnson
Jocelyn Johnston
Joiner da Silva Charitable Giving Fund
Richard and Claudine Jones
Jim Jorling and Kathy Kirchner
Molly Kairn
David Kanazawa
Marc Kannenberg
Joseph F. Kanney
Donald A. Kaplan
Howard and Barbara Katz
Jennifer and Greg Kaufmann
Linda Kean
Joseph A. Keating and Roberta B. Albert
Barbara Keller
Tanya Kennedy
Paul Kerkhoven
John Kern and Pamela Walker
Robert H. Kessler
Jerry Kickenson and Kathleen Michels
John J. and Anne C. Killeen
Lynda Kimak
G. Russell Kincaid
Margaret King
Daniel Kirkpatrick
Michael Klena
Kathleen Koehler
Sri Konduru
William Scott Koopmann
Trudy Koslow
Delanson Crist and Maria Kozloski
Elliot Scoville Krafsur
Robert Kramer
Carl Kress
Kathy Krieger
Shanker Krishnan and Karen Mazze
Patrick Kuhlmann
John Kun
William Lamar and Rebecca Harriett
Willard Lamp
Cameron Lane
Jeffrey and Winifred Lapp
Ylene Larsen
James Lawrence
Donald E. and Marjorie A. Lentzen
Howard and Linda Lerch, Jr.
Carol Levin
Philip Levinton
Christine Ley
Richard Liroff
Katherine D. Lizotte
Robin Lloyd
Kevin Long
Laura Ann Lorenz
Andrey Lyashko
Jillian K. Mador
Adrian and Michelle Magee
Daniel Barstow Magraw
Eifiona Main
Louis and Edythe Manza
Isabel Marbury-Mauro
E. Lowell Markey
Teryl Markey
Martha Mason Semmes
John T. Masters
Stefanie Mathew
J. Davitt McAteer
Alan and Heather McCarty
Matthew McClymont
Jane and Richard McCredie
James McDermott
Peter McDonald
John McElhenny
Peggy McEwan
Marvin and Joanne McIntyre
David McKibbin
Charles Mclaren
Richard McManus
David McMasters
Caryl McNeilly
Melissa McVey
Paul Meehan
Tatjana Meerman
Dale and Elizabeth Meers
Donald Timothy Meier
Glenn Melcher
Craig and Ilene Miller
Gary Mintz
Christine Mitchell
William H. Mitchell and Jean Atkinson
Helen Monacelli
Tom and Cheryl Monroe
Montgomery County Road
Runners Club, Inc.
Daniel Moore and Joanne Goodrich
Jerry Moore
Thomas Moore
Larry Morales
John Moult
John Moyer
Pamela L. Mudd
Charles A. Murray and Catherine B. Cox
Heidi Myers
David Mykita and Victoria Commins
Kimberly Najjar
Lizardo Narvaez Marulanda
Jim Nelson
Jim and Debbi Nelson Fund
John and Barbara Newland
Donald Nicoletta
Lillian and Matthew Nolan
Ronald S. and Linda F. Nosalik
Robert and Conni A. Nyers
Hilary Oat-Judge
Mark Obrinsky
Barrett O’Connor
Peter and Susan O’Donoghue
Frederick Ohly
George L. Ohrstrom
Christie O’Neill
John and Kathleen Opitz
Mark A. Palmer
Molly Parker
Joan G. Paull
Karen Pence
David and Betsy Peters
Anthony Petronio
Ronald Piervincenzi
Ron and Patricia Pilling
William Pilsk
Tricia Pinkard
Stephen and Rutha Piper
Keith Pitchford
Maryvonne Plessis-Fraissard
Brien and Chase Poffenberger
Brett Poirier
Stephen Policastro
Travis Powers
Anastasia Proxenos
Michael and Carolyn Prudich
Stuart Prymas and Melissa Mulreany
Donald Ray Ramsey
Katie Rapp
Richard J. Reed and Susan Zweighaft
David and Jill Reeves
John and Terry Reimer
Dan Reppe
Nancy Reppe
Paul and Marietta Revesz
Lynn Reynolds
Richard Reynolds
William and Ines Rhoads
Stephen H. and Bette Ries
Christopher Rivers
Catherine Robertson
Norman and Lori A. Robinson
David Romanowski
Elisabeth Rood
Mark Alan Rosen
Celie Rosenau
David Frank Rossmeisl
Marcia Rounsaville
Pierre Rovani
Mark Rovner
Jack Ruback
Robert J. and Fran A. Rubin
Susan Sager
Niklaus Salafsky and Julia Segre
Charles A. and Donna N. Salcetti
Norman Sandstrom
Jennifer Sara
Margaret K. Saunders
L.J. Sauter, Jr.
Lorraine M. Schaeffer
James and Madeleine Schaller
Lydia Schindler
James and Denise Schleckser
Don Schlimm
Helen and Paul Schmitz
Robert and Josefa Scholz
Douglas Schwab
Arthur Schwartz
Pamela Schwartzberg
Eric Schweitzer
David M. Segal
Vin and Karen Seibert
Raphael and Katherine Semmes
Thomas Shaffer and Karen
Vander Linde
Judith Weil Shanks
Simon and Nancy Sidamon-Eristoff
Joe and Julie Siler
Stu Simon
Kenneth D. Simonson
Mickie Simpson
Peter Simpson and Penny Mills
Austin Slater
Albert H. Small
Jessica Smith
Kimberly A. Snow
Steven and Brenda Sparenborg
H. A. Spear-Cole
William Steinberg
Carlene Stephens
Lee and Pat Stine
Grace A. Stover
Larry Stovicek
Robert Strauss and Miriam
Donald Street
Walt Stull and Diane Ellis
Julia and Ron Suffecool
Philip and Margot Sunshine
Richard Swartzlander
Ellen and Ed Synakowski
Audrey Tang
Jeffrey J. Tarbert
Timothy B. Taylor
Bradley and Jody T. Thayer
Don and Karen Thibeau
Donald Tobin
Rachel and Kenneth Towbin
Tamara Trocki
Frederick and Lois Turco
Robert E. Tynes
Unity Woods Yoga Center
Dilawar and Lois Uthman
John S. and Kathy K. Uzzo
John Van De Weert
Pamela Velnoskey
Victor Vergara
Benita Veskimets
G. Travis Vice
Dan and Yon Wacker
Melissa Walker
Kimberly Walthall
C. Joan and R. Lawrence Ward
Iva Ward
Robert R. and Nadja Ward
Michelle Ward-Brent
David Warren
Lisa Watson
Kimball Watts and Janet Buyer
Kenneth A. Webb
Ann Webber
Jane Weisemann
Jim Weitzel
Judith Welles and Tim Shank
Jeff and Sue Werthan
Rosa Whitaker
Dennis White
Masako White
Elizabeth Whittington
Gary A. Wilhelm
Roger Williams and Ginger Macomber
Andrew Wilson
Philip Wirtz
James W. and Susan E. Wolfe
Tyra Wolfsberg
Matthew Woodill
Cherry Wyman
Lev Yarmovsky
Gabriel Young
Lesley Zark
John and Elizabeth Zinner
Margaret Zwisler

GIFTS Up To $100
Beverly Abeles
Accenture LLP
Jeffrey Adler
Paige Adonis
Theresa J. Agugliaro
Joel and Liz Ahlquist
James R. Alden
All Seasons Garden Club
Suzanne Allan
Alliance Technology Group LLC
Mary Catherine Allin
Douglas Almeida
Sina Maria Alvarado
Ellen Alvey
Catherine Andrews
Eileen Ard
Danielle Arigoni
Cheryl Arnold
Chere Athey
Joan Baile
Lauren Baker
Peter Balch
Teresa Bangham
Cornelia Barber
Stephen J. Barber
Timothy Barker
Neil and Joan Barkin
Heather Barnes
James S. Barnes
Robert and Linda Barth
Karen Bass
Hugh and Molly Baumgardner
David C. and Diane B. Bechtol
Kevin Belanger
Hedrick Belin and Mary Bissell
Michael and Barbara Bell
Vicki Bender
Robert and Jody Benjamin
Kimberly Benson
Emily Bentz
Barbara Berg
William Bergen
Jennifer Bergeron
Philip and Toby Berman
Shira Bernholtz
Matthew Birnbaum
Norman W. and Carol A. Birzer
Melanie Blackwell
Janet Blum
Randall Boardman
Paul J. Bogdan
Kathleen Bolton
Betsy Booth
Dennis Borie
Virginia Bourgeois
Rod Bourn
Andrew Bowen
Catherine Bragaw
Peter Brandriss
Roger Brauninger
Sarah Brazell
Michael Brechbiel
Eric Brenner
Emily Brewer Cohan
Jeannine Brewer
Janice Brissette
Joanne Brodsky
Frederick and Janet Brown
Rita Brown
Robert Brown
Michael Bucci
Suzanne Budlong
John Buehman
Rebekah Burke
Stephanie Burkhard
Harold and Sally Burman
Randall Buxbaum
Drew Calhoun
Patricia Calta
Wendy Campagnari
Allan and Lori Capozucca
Patricia Capozucca
Richard and Mitsu Carl
Virginia Carnrick
Anthony Carroll
Kevin Casey
Kathleen Casper
Greg Castano
Herman and Louise Castellani
John Cella
John and Ruth Cella
Jeffrey W. Chaloupek
Roger Chambers
Dennis Champney
Kathleen Chick
Rich and Claudia Chitty
Kelsey Christensen
Diana Christian
Brian Cipperly
Jane J. Clarke
Andrew Clements
Charles and Barbara Clements
Jonathan Clements
Victoria Clements
Robert Clemons
Kati Clendenin
Paul and Joan Cleveland
JeNeen Clipp
Lindsay Cobb
Sheila S. Cochran
Erin Code
Samuel Cogar
Alan and Deborah Cohen
Cheryl Cohen
Michael Collyer
Alison and Craig Combs
Vallie Compher
John Cone
Charles Connolly
Anne Constant
David Cook
Diana Cormier-Andrews
Cornell University Foundation
Jason Covey
James and Lise Crafton
Craig and Erika Singer
Jill Craig
Chan Crangle
Robert Crone
Rosemarie Crone
Michael Curatola
David and Aileen Curfman
David and Janet Curtis
Dick and Linda Cushwa
Kathleen Dameo
Leo Dandeneau
Jason Daniels
Pamela Danner
Thomas Darling
Cornelius Davies
Allan P. Davis
Cristina B. Del Sesto and Craig M. Blackwell
Joelle Delaplace
Lynette Delk
Kirsten Denney
Joseph Dennis
Karen Detrick
Ray and Dawn Dinterman
Sylvia Diss
Don and Sheila Moldover
Donald and Donna Maclean
Megan Donovan
James Dooley
Cinnamon Dornsife
Eric Doty
Sara Dougherty
Christine Dub
Gayle and Dwayne Duke
Briana Dulac
George and Renee Dunham
Lawrence Dunham
Sandy Hurlbut Earle
Jared Earley
Olivia Easley
Jon Edmonds
Doug Ellis
Diane Ennist
Nicholas Ervin
Amy Esposito
Alan Estevez
David D. Evans and Ruth N. Robbins
Susan Fagan
Robert L. Failor
Ana Fallon
Mark Farrar
Theresa Fichter
Maris Finley
Leslie Finster
Joseph and Leslie Fiorilla
Karen Fishburn
Eric Fisher
Kevin Fisher
Lucy Fitch
John Foley
Elliot Fontela
Yvonne Ford
Christopher Forth
William and Nancy Foster
Gail Frazer and Philip Gerard
Allison Frederick Harteis
Patricia French
Tim Fricker
Mayo and Pearl Friedlis
James Fulks
Mariela Fuson
Eryn Gable
Gerard M Gallucci
Matthew Gamser
Heather E. Gange
Nicole Garofalo
Gary F. and Teri F. See
Susan Gassman
James Gayhardt
Jenee Gaynor
Jing Geeng
Tim Geoppinger
Elizabeth Gephardt
Jennifer Gerard
Caroline Gessert
Jeffrey Gibbs
Ann Gifford
Michael D. Gilbert
Terri Gillis
Christie Gingras
Barbara Gingrich
Ruthann M. Giusti
Jodi Glick
Donna Gold
William P. Golden
Diya Gopinathan
Rebecca Grant
William M. Grant
Donald P. Graunke
Nicole Gray
Christine Graziano
Abe Greene
Veronica Grigera
Meredith Griggs
Jeffrey J. Grindrod
Amy Grover
Paula Grupe
Emily Guskin
Jana Haas
Peter Haber
Gregory M. Hall
Wade and Jan Hampton
William Harback
William Hardin
Julie Harding
Shaun Hardy
The Hare Family
John Hare
Benjamin Hart
Timothy Hart
John L. Hartge
David Hartley
Jeffrey Hartley
Elisa Hartman
Laura G. Harwin
Kristin Hauser
Lynda Hawkins
Sharon Hawthorne
Kelly G. Headd
B. Carter Hearn
Bill Hedges
Peter Heinlein
David Helms
Nanci Hemberger
Karen Hendryk
Bruce Heppen
Joyce Hibberd
Carol Highsaw
Katherine Hillas
David Joseph Hirschman
Claire C. Hirt
Cathy Hogendobler
Dawn Hollinger
Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker
Valarie Hoover
Mary Kay Howard
Natalie Howe
Simone Howe
Bing-Jib Huang
Steve Huber
John Huennekens
Sean Hughes
Gregory Humes
Brian J. Hundertmark and Laurie D. Fisher
Rosemary Hunt
Nancy Hwa
Stephanie Iacovelli
Richard Jabara
Christopher Jackson
Julia Jackson
Lester A. Jackson
Lisa Jackson
Eric Jacobs**
James and Patricia Bronson
Alberta James
Keith and Tari Janssen
James E. and Barbara Jarboe
Michelle Jenkins
Linda Jennings
Stephen Jermyn
Charlotte Jessie
Ashley Johnson
Denise Johnson
Heather Johnson
Richard M. Jones, Jr.
Jonathan Jones
John Jordan
Kuriacose Joseph
Herschel Kanter
Sylvia Kantor
Marlece Karamitsos
Gwendolyn V. Kato
Judith Keckler
Michael and Susan Kelley
Paul Kelley
Carolyn Kennedy
Amber Kerr
Alexey Khrenov
Elizabeth Kiker
Jonah Kind
Ellen Kinzer
Elaine Klein
David Kligerman
Helena M. Klumpp
Ronald Knipling
Linda Koenig
Steven Kover
David Krane
Holger and Barbara Kray
Evan Krichevsky
Sheila K. Kryston
Neil Kugelman
Aaron Miles Kurman
Jennifer L.
Bond Lammey
Chrissy Lamont
Alexandra Landsberg
Ron Landsman
Charles Lanman
Phaedra Larner
Joseph Laukaitis and Lya Karm
Michele Laur
Katherine Lauritzen
Scott Lavender
Catherine Lawhon
B.E. Layton
John League
Lois Leasure
Patrick Leblanc
Thomas A. LeBlanc
Bryan Lee
Howard Lee and Debra Lee James
Stephanie Lenzenweger
Elliott P. Levine
Kristal Levine
Erica Lewis
Norman Liebow
Carol Linden
Wayne and Vicki Lindgren
Mary Linnell-Simmons
Bonnie Litts
Ann Liu
Craig Llewellyn
Elizabeth Locke
Michael Locke
Terry Lockridge
Matthew Logan
Harold Logsdon
Joseph Longmire
Alex Lopez
Kathryn Lough-McAteer
Jeffrey and Fonda Lowe
Thomas Lupp and Elizabeth Handley
Helen M. Lynch
Elizabeth MacGregor
Janet Mack
C. Peter Magrath
Rachel Maisler
Janice Majewski
John Manchester
Ashley Manion
Thomas Owen Mann
Nancy Manning
Steven Mappus
Vivien Marion
Anthony Marra
Alan Marsilio
Charles Michael Martin
James Martin
John and Barbara Martin
Pascal Martinez
Margarethy Martins
Kent and Ruth Ann Mason
Pamela Mason
Sabrina Massett
Emily Massey
Cynthia Masters
Chad Mathias
Joseph Maurio
Elliot Maxwell
Alexander May
Patricia Mayernik
Kieran Mays
Harrison McAlpine
Lindsay McAuliffe
Margaret McBride
Tonyia McClellan
Sam McClure
Molly McCullagh
Diana McFadden
Judith McGowan
Sandra June McIntosh
Jennifer A. McNatty
Jeanine K. McVicker
Brian Mease
Andre Medici
John D. Meier
Linda Mellon
Emilia Menocal
Jo A Mercer
Jane Merdic
Maura Merlis
Barry and Susan Merritt
John Metz
Richard A. Metz
Brian Meyer
Marlin E. Meyers
Wanda Meyers
Middletown High School-Class of 1974
Glynnis Mileikowsky
Alan Miller
Clyde Miller
Debora Miller
June Miller
Andrew Mitchell
David Mitchell
Star Mitchell
Eric Moe
John Monroe
Jean F. Montgomery
Katie Moore
Meghan Moriarty
James F. Morris
Alla Morrison
Alan and Karen Moshel
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Allan Moyer and Nancy Kramer-Moyer
Rajini Mudhasani
Seana Muhart
Go Mukai
Alan Muldawer
Colin Murray
Oren Murray
Jason and Donna Myers
Lynda Myers
Tom and Katherine Myers
Thomas Nardone and Edith Lam
Katharine Naujoks
Peter Neal and Carolyn Smith
Amy Nelson
Ronald and Margaret Neumann
Dawn Newland
Thanh Nguyen
Charles R. and Kathy J. Nichols
Frank Norcross
Glenn Nordehn
Penny Norford
Alexandra Normile
Brad Northrup and Jody Bolz
William Nuckols
George Nunez
Rita Nutsch
Mia O’Connell
Thomas O’Donnell
Jennifer Oehme
Daniel O’Flaherty
Thomas Ogrady
Anne-Louise Oliphant
Thomas Olsen
Joe Omner
Denise Oneil
Stephen Oparka
Lisa Orange
Nancy Orben
Brian Orgen
Jeffery George Orner
Kohl Orson
Amy Owens
Natalie Ozga
Erin Pacifico
Dawn M. Page
Matt Palm
Benjamin L. Palumbo
Mark Pankin
Louis Parnes
Joanne Parr
Max Parrott
Andrea Pascoe-Conteen
Jessica Patey
Linda J. Paulson
Joseph C. Pedulla
Deborah Peeples
Philip Vicente Pena
Naiying Peng
Beth Permenter
Kimberly Petry
Donald and M. Simone Phebus
Piper Phillips Caswell
Matthew and Suzanne Picard
Susan Piervin
Anne Piervincenzi
Gerald and Janet Pietsch
Stephen Pillen
J. Richard and Martha Pine
Dwight Pittenger
Richard Plaut
Robert J. and Suzanne E. Plum
David L. and Barbara A. Plume
Sara Poehlman
Ed Poling
Richard W. Pollard
Caroline Pott
Patricia Potts
Katherine Powell
Sara Puccia
Megan Putman
Peter Quinn
Manuel Quiroz
Juene Rader
Janine Rauscher
Lynn and Vernon Redding
Mary Jo Reed
Matthew J. Regan and Yoon Young Lee
Gary Reisner
Sheri Reno
Brody Reppe
William D. Reuther
Jennifer Reutzel
Geraldine H. Revitt
Ed and Linda Rhodes
Cheryl Rill
James Roberson
Joanne Swan Robert
Susan E. Roberts
Franklin Rogers
Andreas Rohde
Mark Rom
Sue and Rinze Roosma
Brad Rose
Michael Rosner
Peter D. Ross
Jennifer Rowe
Midori Rudisill
Martin Rugger
Jason Sandy
Hari Santha
Orlando Sargent
Cay Savel
Jonathan Schaechter
Jonas Schaller
LaRita Schandorff
Thomas Scheffer
Joe and Heidi Schlag
Lucinda M. Schreck
Edward and Joan Schupp
Elizabeth Scuderi
Lois Segal
Rebecca Segal
Becky Segall
Adele S. Seifried
Joseph and Gloria Sekusky
Andrea Semmes Faller
Guy and Dana Semmes
Luette Semmes
Janne Sevanto
Katie Seymour
Guneev Sharma
Brian Shaw
Jay Sherman
Debbie Shuey
Julia Slater
Richard Smalling
Scott Smith
Sharon S. Smith
June and Kevin Solonsky
Matthew Southwell
Elizabeth Spargur
Declan Spealman
Kelly Spence
Jason Spensley
William and Stacey Sperow
Stuart Spielman
Arthur B. Spitzer and Elisabeth K. Boas
Anthony Startt
Harry and Susan Stern
Alexander Stolar
Amanda Stone
Nancy Stone
Sally Strain
Jukka-Pekka Strand
Amanda Stroud
Jonathan Sucher
Elke N. Summers
Donald L. and Christine H. Sylvester
Stephen Szibler
Charles and Lee Talisman
Corina Tamas
Frances Carney Taylor
Marcy Taylor
Stephen D. Taylor
Tanya Taylor
Rhonda Thomas
Susan Thomas
Paul Tilley
William Todd
James Togashi
Ana Tomic
Michael Robert Torrisi
David S. C. Chu and Laura L. Tosi
Stacey Tracey
Leanne Trost
Elizabeth Tsehai
Deanna Tucker
Gerald Allan Tucker
Kemal Tuncer
Kelley Turnbull
Christopher Ian Twinn
Sean and Genevieve Twomey
Diane Tworog
William Tyler
United Health
Jo Utermoehlen
Matthew Valvano
Louis Van Hollen
Michael Varhola
Dom Viletto
Diana Voicemail
Raulita Wade
Debra Wageley
Stuart Wallace and Karene Motivans
Washington Episcopal School
Jacob Waxman
Kathleen T. Weaver
David Webber
Linda Weinberger
George Werth
Donna West
Barbara Blass Wetzel
Daryl White
Deborah White
Lea Whitfield
Chris Wicker
Vera Wiest
Steven William and Jane Lewis
Kristin Williams
Neil Williams
Ronald Wilson
Stephen and Barbara Wilson
Matt Vliet Winkler
Elizabeth Ann Wisecarver
Anne Wisniewski
Amber Wobschall
Judy Lyons Wolf
Jeanne Wolfe
Christine Wolff
Patricia A. Wolff
Peter Wood
Paul Woods and Johanna Armstrong
Frances Yarger
Holly Yeager
James T. Yenckel and Sandra L. Lafevre
Amy Zemanick
Jeanette Zimmer
Charles Zitrick
Davide Zucchini
Pamela Zurer

In memory of Robert Joseph Anderson, Jr.
Joseph Kirk Michael

In memory of James Deacon Brew
Catherine F. Cleland
Olivia Easley
Joseph and Leslie Fiorilla
Shawn Maher
Benjamin L. Palumbo
Cliff and Deborah White

In memory of Donald Burros
Marian Burros

In memory of Hitelia Castellanos
Virginia Bourgeois

In memory of Barry Cohen
Cohen Family Charitable Fund
James and Jean Hochron

In memory of Charles Collins, Jr.
Zoltan and Theda Bagdy

In memory of Robin Crangle
Chan Crangle

In memory of William Failor
Robert L. Failor

In memory of Henry and Isabell Field
Ted Spiegler

In memory of Ann Tracy Fisher
Mary Ann Fisher
Francis and Carolyn F. Grant-Suttie

In memory of Barry Freeman
Ted Spiegler

In memory of Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Joiner da Silva Charitable Giving Fund

In memory of Mary Grillo and Scout (the dog)
Jeanne Grillo

In memory of H. Corbin Gwaltney, Jr.
Pamela Gwaltney

In memory of Francis J. Hart
Ted Spiegler

In memory of Douglas R. Hokenson
Kathryn B. Hokenson

In memory of Ronald Jones
Dawn Newland
Mark C. Stover

In memory of Michael P. Joseph, Sr.
Alliance Technology Group LLC
Allan and Lori Capozucca
Patricia Capozucca
Herman and Louise Castellani
Amy Esposito
G. William and Pamela Ferguson
John J. Graham
Stephen Jermyn
Howard D. Lerch, Jr. and Linda H. Lerch
Marvin and Joanne McIntyre
Alfred H. Moses
Geraldine H. Revitt
Norman and Lori A. Robinson
Joseph W. and Gloria J. Sekusky
Sharon S. Smith
Kimberly A. Snow
Harry M. and Susan S. Stern
Washington Episcopal School

In memory of Gunter Koenig
Linda Koenig

In memory of Koko
Paul J. Bogdan

In memory of Rodney C. Lapp
Jeffrey R. and Winifred A. Lapp

In memory of Alison Levine
Catherine Andrews
Sheri Arnold
Scott and Margi Arnold
Catherine Baker
Amy and Marcia Birney
James and Patricia Bronson
Bill and Heidi Bumpers
Kimball Watts and Janet Buyer
Kathleen Dameo
Hilary Durante
Donna Gold
Jan and Ronald Greenberg
Mary Kay Howard
Jim Jorling and Kathy Kirchner
Carolyn H. Levine
Lisa Levine and Cathy Rutherford
Donald and Donna Maclean
Janice Majewski
Nancy Manning
Jane and Richard McCredie
Denise O’Neil
Dawn M. Page
Bob Palermo
Ilana Reyes
Peter D. Ross
Jonathan Schaechter
Adele S. Seifried
June and Kevin Solonsky
Sally Strain
Robert and Joanne Swan
Ellen and Ed Synakowski
Unity Woods Yoga Center
Michelle Ward-Brent
Lesley Zark

In memory of Bill and Gale Malone
Harry and Deb Malone

In memory of Ruth Matteson
Ted Spiegler

In memory of Stuart B. McCaull
Joanne Brodsky
Wendy Campagnari
Kati Clendenin
Eric Doty
Philip Gagnon
Stacy Philipson Grenis
Nanci Hemberger
Tonyia McClellan
Kimberly Najjar
Deanna Tucker

In memory of Pat Miller
Melissa Walker

In memory of John Clarence Mohler
All Seasons Garden Club
David Aycock and Roseanne Jahnke
Gayle and Dwayne Duke
Joseph R. Houser
Laura Ann Lorenz
Elisabeth D. Mohler
Donald and M. Simone Phebus
In memory of Buddy McGurgan
Council for the Advancement of Science Writing
Sylvia Kantor
Robin Lloyd

In memory of Bruce McNeil
Ted Spiegler

In memory of Edward Padelford
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation
Judith B. Morenoff
Stephen and Kate Baldwin

In memory of Mark Allan Pearl
John Bohman
Andrew Bowen
Stephanie Lenzenweger
Megan Mirmelstein
Charles R. and Kathy J. Nichols
Middletown High School-Class of 1974

In memory of Dave and Elsie Pomper
Val Pomper

In memory of Susan W. Reese
Jenny Divver
Fast Lane Car Sales

In memory of Kathryn Rossmeisl
David Frank Rossmeisl

In memory of Sol Schindler
Lydia Schindler

In memory of Al Schlimm
Don Schlimm

In memory of Mary “Dickie” Sella
Pierre Rovani

In memory of Angelina Silver
Ylene Larsen
Janet Mack

In memory of Patricia Sowell
C. Joan and R. Lawrence Ward

In memory of Rakan Stormer
Cameron Lane

In memory of Charles M. Stover
Grace A. Stover

In memory of Frederick O. Swain
Beverly Ann Swain

In memory of Suponte Tu
Alejandro Silva

In memory of Jon Wilson
Ruthanna M. Geisbert

In memory of John Wisniewski
Tom and Cheryl Monroe
Julia and Ron Suffecool
Marcy Taylor

In memory of Leepo Chung Yu
Audrey Tang

In honor of Kevin Brandt
Thomas B. Riford

In honor of Jeremy Bratt
Amber Wobschall

In honor of Canal Quarters
Mary Gramann

In honor of Stephen Cogar
Samuel Cogar

In honor of Linda Collyer
Michael Collyer
Timothy Collyer
Philip L. and Rosemary M. Collyer

In honor of John and Mary Fondersmith
Stephanie Iacovelli

In honor of Francis Grant-Suttie
Benjamin Ivins
Michael R. and Lisa S. Opsahl

In honor of Baba Holcer
Iva Ward

In honor of Cora and Roy Hoopes
Spencer Hoopes

In honor of Caroline Howe
Simone Howe

In honor of Roxane Kaufmann and Neal Fitzpatrick
Jennifer and Greg Kaufmann

In honor of Michael Kurman and Pat Hoff
Aaron Miles Kurman

In honor of Janet D. Lyman
Jessica Lyman Browne

In honor of Mike Mitchell
Cliff and Deborah White
Michael and Kathleen Moran
Alison and Paul Coppock

In honor of Rod Newton
Christine Dub
Marianne Roderick

In honor of P and C
Sara Puccia

In honor of Marianne Roderick
Jo Utermoehlen

In honor of Chris Rom
Mark Rom

In honor of Mildred Rowan
Lea Whitfield

In honor of Julie and Jeff Steinberg
Shira Bernholtz

In honor of Carrie Stokes
Lynda Kimak

In honor of Washington Fine Properties Clients – 2019
Meg Percesepe
Alison Shutt

By the Daofeng & Angela Foundation Bench Collaboration:
Mile 5.01 – Lock 5
Mile 6.4 – Sycamore Island
Mile 8.65 – Lock 9
Mile 122.8 – Hancock Visitor
Mile 136.2 – Lock 56

In memory of Kirk and Peggy Burns by their family
Mile 11.6 – Marsden Tract

Sandra Adams
Jen Cromer
Eric Jacobs
Karen Possner
Joy Pritts
Dennis Shiflet
Ingrid Sunzenauer
Sandy Vogelgesang

First Energy Foundation
Guest Services, Inc.
M&T Bank Foundation
Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern
Younger Toyota
Minkoff Development
Community Foundation of Frederick County

Daofeng & Angela Foundation
J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
Marsha and Alan Paller
A.R. Landsman Foundation
Kiplinger Family Foundation
Jewell Foundation
Minkoff Development Corporation
David and Page Dekker

Hopkins & Porter