2016-17 Honor Roll of Donors

The Board of Directors and the staff of the C&O Canal Trust wish to thank all of our donors who have generously supported our work over the last fiscal year.

The following Honor Roll of Donors reflects giving between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017. Every attempt has been made to ensure this list is complete.

If we have excluded you in error, please contact Patricia Barber, Director of Development, at [email protected] or 301-745-8880.

* Individual donors who have given a gift of $1,000 or more are members of the William O. Douglas Society, our leadership giving society for the C&O Canal Trust.

+ Individuals who have made provision in their wills for the C&O Canal Trust are members of the Potowmack Society.


$25,000 and up

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

MARPAT Foundation, Inc.
Montgomery County

National Environmental Education Foundation



A.R. Landsman Foundation
The Bancroft Foundation
Paul and Gail Chod*
France-Merrick Foundation

Greater Washington Community Foundation
Lisa Landsman*
Robert Pascal*
Quality Systems and Products, LLC

Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation, Inc.
Schwab Charitable
Mark Stover*
Ira and Marcia Wagner*



Stephen and June Chaudet*
Clark Construction Group, LLC
Community Foundation of Washington County
Delaplaine Foundation
Estate of Juliet Grant-Suttie
Fidelity Charitable
Freedom’s Run
Francis and Carolyn F. Grant-Suttie*

Guest Services, Inc.
John Guttmann and Holly Cannon*
The Jewell Foundation
The Kiplinger Foundation
Knight Kiplinger
M&T Charitable Foundation
Mars Foundation
Mary K. Bowman Fund for Historical and Fine Arts
Mike and Sue Mitchell*

Minkoff Development Corporation
Mitchell Family Foundation
Morningstar Foundation
Karen Beth Possner and Stan Wiggins*
Nora Roberts Foundation
Prince Charitable Trusts
RBC Wealth Management
Deborah Schumann*
Vanguard Charitable



Sandra Adams and Tom Roberts*
James R. and Karen K. Beardsley*
C&O Canal Association
Estate of Hilda Carpenter
Denise and Michael Cetta*
Cliff and Deborah White Family Foundation
Bud and Dell Cline*
Community Foundation of Frederick County
Wm. Randall and Lisa Cone*
John and April Delaney

Sherif Ettefa*
Friends of the Historic Great Falls Tavern
William Grayson
Marcel and Celia Harper
Craig Katz
Edward and Arleen Kessler*
James Menzies*
Network for Good
William B. and Karen O. Newman*

Bruce and Kathleen Poole*
The Poole Law Group
Robert and Dana Reisse*
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Thai McGreivy, MD Fund
Vinod and Maria L. Thomas
Sandy Vogelgesang and Geoffrey Wolfe*+
Warren Cross Charitable Foundation
Richard B. and Debbie Cross Werner*
Cliff and Deborah White*



Jose Albertini and Audrey R. Copeland *
America’s Charities
Ray and Jennifer Baldwin
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Simon and Patricia Barber*
Liz Barratt-Brown and Bos Dewey
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Peter Bross
John Butman and Patty Lee*
The Buchanan Family Foundation
James G. and Sarah E. Cahill*
Ashby and Katie Chamberlin*
Linda and Stan Collyer*
Becky Curtis*
John Dema*
Philip T. Evans and Colleen M. McEnroe
William T. N. and Michele C. Farquhar*
Ferris Family Foundation
Thomas D. and Kathleen L. Fingleton*
Mary Ann Fisher*
Robert V. and Roxanne Fleming, II*
Atalanta T. Grant-Suttie*
Kettner and Dana Griswold*

The Guide Foundation
Jane Guiliano*
Corbin and Pamela Gwaltney*
Paul Hagen and Christine Jahnke*
Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Carrie Halpert
Jessie Harris*
Donald and Elizabeth Harrison*
John and Rachel King Foundation
David and Jacqueline Karp*
Russell Kennedy
Mary Kenzie
John and Rachel King*
Robert King and Deena Barlev*
Ted and Grace Anne Koppel*
Lafayette Federal Credit Union
Steven L. and Jacqueline C. Leifer*
Live Like Jack Fund
The Mahley Family Foundation
Robert and Pamela Mertz*
Howard Morse*
Charles A. Murray and Catherine B. Cox*
Matthew and Lillian Nolan

Julia Perlman
Brett and Kirsten Quigley
Ogden M. and Roxana I. Reid*
Rockville Rotary Club Foundation
Elizabeth Schueler
Roy and Ase Sewall*
Dennis S. Shiflet*+
Dawinder Sidhu*
Dan and Janette Spedden*
Alan D. Stotler*
Joanna Sturm*
Bert and Amy Swain*
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Bradley and Jody T. Thayer*
The Trust for Public Land
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Viasat, Inc.
Richard and Anne Wallace*
Jonathan Moore Warner
Rick and Sally Warner Watts*
Judith Welles and Tim Shank*
Alfred and Julia Larson Wurglitz*
Robin and Mike Zanotti*



Thomas Akins
Lucy Alexander
Judith Bader
David T. and Sue S. Beddow
Brett Beitzel
Andrew and Kaye Boesel
Steve and Carolyn Bou
Todd and Tracey Bowman
David and Eileen M. Brooks
Denise Brownlee
Frank and Victoria Chang
Cohenterprises, Inc.
Philip and Rosemary Collyer
Bill and Diana Conway
Margaret Cotter
Bob and Peggy Dennis
Caroline Maury Devine
Ray and Dawn Dinterman
John and Mary Jane Euler
David A. Failor
Eric Froehlich
James and Karen Harrison
Patricia Harvey

Alan Heilbron and Kerry Malawista
John and Nancy Ann Holahan
Thomas W. Holland
Susan Howard
Thomas Hudson
Lowell Inhorn and Cynthia Petzold
Diana Jamieson
Michelle Jamrisko
Robin and Laurel Kent
Marc Korman
Joseph Lipscomb and Laura Will
Catherine Luke
Harry and Deb Malone
Michael Mann and Carol Salzman
Marriott International
Keith I. McConnell
Mike McMearty
Jason Michel
Joan G. Paull
Potomac Rotary Charities
Susan D. Rich
Marylouise Roach
Ed Ryan

Harold and Victoria Sakayan
Diane Schaefer
James and Madeleine Schaller
Jaret Seiberg
Gary Sikora and Peg Shaw
Topper and Alison Shutt
James B. Slaughter
Gregory and Ruth Ann Snook
Herb and Jane Stevens
Patrice Taylor
Steuart and Linda Thomsen
Barbara Boyle Torrey
Wantz Distributors, Inc.
Dennis White
Linda White-Weaver
Whole Foods Market
Timothy and Alba Williams
Christopher Wolf
The Wunder Family
Katherine Harding
Wunder Foundation
Younger Toyota
Samuel Leo Zimmerman



40 North Services
Ronald Abeles
Richard and Teresa Abrams
William H. and Renee Agnew
John and Annie Allen
Stan and Shelley Balis
Neil and Joan Barkin
Susan L. Beall
Dianne May Bechtold
Donald and Catherine Bellenger
James Biasco
Linda Binsted
Eli Blanks
Bruce and Robin Bortnick
Bou Family Foundation, Inc.
Jack B. and B. Marie Byers
William Byron
Robert Cannon
Tom Chappell
David Cooley and Marlene J. Severson
Michaela Daniel
Bruce Davis and Evelyn Jacob
Deanna Dawson
John Dix
Melanie Draper
Bryan and Laura Forman
Martyna Fox

Daniel Gallagher
Karen Mary Gray
Anya C. Grundmann
Jeff and Anne Gunsteens
William Holdsworth
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts Program
International Monetary Fund
Justice Family Fund
Stuart Kanchuger and Arleen Sierra
John Kern and Pamela Walker
Chas and Emily King
Lynne Kuhmerker
Joe Lawler
Richard and Lindsay Leggin
George and Pamela Lewis
Jay and Jane Lewis
Steven and Janet Magel
Daniel Mah and Rachel Hines
Judith Mansfield
Michael and Linda Marmer
Chris and Jane Martens
Henry Roger and Sharon Marlene Mastroni
Luke F. McCabe
Kevin and Laura Miller
Kenneth Millstone
Elisabeth D. Mohler
Michael and Kathleen Moran

Michael C. Nolan
George L. Ohrstrom II
Michael R. and Lisa S. Opsahl
Margaret Percesepe
Robert Peterson
Eric Rice and Sarah Kanchuger
Thomas B. Riford
Hugh Robinson and Marilyn Stone
Bruce E. Rosenblum
Alicia Saffer
Mike Samuelson
Clare Sant
James and Denise Schleckser
Charlie Skuba
Smithsonian Associates
Neil Stormer and Zain Habboo
Christopher Stubbs
David C. and Carolyn C. Stump
Tom and Gretchen Toles
Hall and Deborah Van Vlack
William Walderman
Washington Fine Properties
Mike and Julie Wickersham
Keith Williams
John A. and Margery A. Ziegler
Max Zimmermann


Up to $249

Leslie Abbott
Susan Abrahamsen
Aysar Akrawi
Layla Akrawi
Rajha Al-Hashmi
James R. Alden
Gary and Barbara Allen
William G. Allman
Amazon Smile
Jon M. and Heidi H. Anderson
Mark J. Andrews
Anonymous (22)
Gary Anthes
Tim Arcano
Lucinda Bach
Thomas H. and Barbara P. Bailey
Philip Baldyga
Joanne and Edward E. Balkovich
Giovanna Ban
Bonnie Bandolin
Lawrence and Patti Bandolin
Robert Bannister
Andrea Baridon
Charlie Barnett
Richard and Carol Barron
Susanne Barsoum
Mary Bartles
J. Mel Bass
Karen Bass
Hugh and Molly Baumgardner
Beans in the Belfry
Arthur and Sandra Becker
Paul Beckerman
Hedrick Belin and Mary Bissell
Bruce and Susan Bender
Robert and Jody Benjamin
Kimberly Benson
Zdenek Beranek
Philip and Toby Berman
Robert L. Bertera
Blake Biles and Laura Sessums
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Mark Binsted
Norman W. and Carol A. Birzer
David Bishop
James Blair
Mike Blalock
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation
David Bloom
Stephen A. Bokat
Michael Bookman and Maria Platia
Kevin Borg
Jan Bove
Robert Boyd
Garland Bradfield
Peter Brandriss
Travis Breaux
Cara Anjos Breeden
David Brinkley
Melissa Brizer
Rebecca Brock
Joseph and Susan Brookreson
Barbara Brown
Frederick and Janet Brown
Jessica Lyman Browne
Michael and Betsy Brunner
Michael and Judith Bucci
Marian Burros
John Butler
William and Marion Butler
Derek and Laura Byerlee
Beverly Byron
C. Weichel and Associates
Cabin John Memorial VFW Post 5633
Courtney Caldwell
Barbara Cantey
Leslie Carter
Jon Carver
Richard P. Cember
Jeffrey W. Chaloupek
Chesapeake Bay Area CFC
Brent and Janice Chippendale
Rich and Claudia Chitty
Choate Hall & Stewart, LLP
David S. C. Chu and Laura L. Tosi
Wayne Clark
Charles and Barbara Clements
Paul and Joan Cleveland
Timothy Clifford
Galen and Sandy Clipp
Sheila S. Cochran
Alan and Deborah Cohen
Barry Cohen
Kenneth Cohen
Paul Cohen
Andrew H. and Suzanne J. Colby
Timothy Collyer
Michael Colson
John and Mary Conaghan
John Cone
Consumer Healthcare Products  Association
Pamela S. Cook
Ross Cook and Carol Becker
James J. and Kathleen M. Cooney, Jr.
Glenn and Jacqueline Cooper
Mary Cooper
Jim Cope
Nessa Coppinger
Heather Dawn Coxon
James and Lise Crafton
Jill Craig
Chan Crangle
Glenn A. Crinnion
Brian G. and Joan M. Crowe
Patrick J. Cunniff, Jr. and Katie Eckardt
David W. Curfman
David and Janet Curtis
Dick and Linda Cushwa
Suzanne Dangler
Jerome and Patricia Danoff
Allan P. Davis
Jacqueline Nina Davis
Hannah Debelius
Andrew Dempster
Anne DeNovo
Todd Derr
Vincent G. and Jan Desiderio, Jr.
Marco and Anne Di Capua
Jennifer Diehl
Sylvia Diss
Lynda DiValentin
Guy Divita
Thomas and Phyllis Dobyns
Herbert L. and Florence L. Doggett
Douglass and Frances Donnell
Carrie Donoho
Richard and Penelope Doolittle
David Dorsen
Cinnamon Dornsife
Emily Douce
Robert and Nancy Dove
Michael and Maysoon Dowling
Susan Duke
Renee Dunham
Joe Dunn
Charles Louis Edson
Bill Eichbaum
Eric and Mary Beth Eller
Roy Elson, Jr. and Cecilia Hage
Richard Emch, Jr.
Stephen C. Engelke
Beth Erdman
Alan Estevez
Robert and Katherine Eustice
Louis Faassen and Justine Dymond
James C. Failor
Robert L. Failor
Joseph and Maureen Fama
Michael Farrell
Eddie Farrey
Diane Feinberg
Tracie Felker
Aaron Ferguson
Valerie Fernandes
Robert L. and Camille A. Filling
Nancy L. Finkelstein Family Trust
John W. Fischer
Eric Fisher
Martha Fisher
Amy Flashenberg-Laskowski
Peggy Fleming
William and Nancy Foster
Denise F. France
Steve and Marie France
Carl E. and Charlotte A. Frasch
Gail Frazer
Frederick CTC FFA Alumni, Inc.
Helen French
Mayo and Pearl Friedlis
Scott and Paula D. Frishman
Clifford and Kerstin Gaddy
David and Allison Garman
Shelley Gaskins
Lynda Gattozzi
Joseph and Mallory Gay
Susan Marie Gemeny
Kenneth George
Margaret Giddens
Richard Gilbert
Alan C. Gill
Gregory and Becky Gill
John W. and Tammy Duke Gill
Limja H. Gim
Jade Gingerich
Barbara Gingrich
Jefferson Glassie
Lois C. Glatfelter
Matthew Goedecke
B. G. Goff
Michael and Karen Goger
William P. Golden
Kenneth Goldman and Barbara Sadick
Susette Gongola
David Good and Lori Nicolle
Carol Goodloe
Saul Goodman
Joseph Gorney
Megan Gottemoeller
Michael and Lee H. Gough
Alan Gourley and Sarah Brown

Valerie Gracechild
Gene Granof
Barry Greenberg
Bentley and Susan Gregg
Meredith Griggs
Laura Grinnan
Joseph Grogan
Marc Grossman
Linda and David Groverman
David P. Grum
David Robert Guinnup
Tom Gutierrez
H. Gerald and Jane S. Guyton
Joseph Hage
Kate Hage
Peter Hage
Richard and Kathleen Hage
Kim Hagemann
Gregory M. Hall
Ellen Hamburger
Cameron Hamilton
David Hamilton
Suzanne Hamilton
Sarah Hammack
Wade Hampton
Dan and Anne Handel
Elizabeth Handley
David Handzo and Mary Dodson
Peter and Debra Hanley
Kelvin Hao
Jonathan Hardis
Charles D. Harris
Barbara Harrison
Stephen Harrison
Steven Harrison
Benjamin Hart
James D. Hathaway
Diane Hauslein
Mary E. Hawkins
Michael Edward Heaney
B. Carter Hearn, Jr.
Peter Heinlein
William Hendricks
Steven Herman and Susan Deller Ross
Gerald W. and Doris J. Hiler
Katherine Hillas
Katherine Himes
William Hines
Karen Hinson
Kathryn B. Hokenson
Spencer Hoopes
William and Louise Hopewell
Denise Horner
Joseph T. and Mary M. Howard
Ronald Howard
Elizabeth Howe
Forest Howell
Amanda Hren
Tomi Hsiao
Ray Hubbe and Ginger Burns
Stephen Huber
Ann Marie Huisentruit
Terence Hurley
Susan Straka Ingard
Charles C. Isleib
Richard H.F. Jackson
Michael J. Jacobs
Robert Jacobs
Gregory James
William James
N. Jamieson-McGuire
Keith and Tari Janssen
James E. and Barbara Jarboe
Barbara Jenkins
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
The Joe W. II & Marg M. Fleming Trust
Carrie Johnson
Wayne and Beverly Johnson
James and Karen Johnston
Kuriacose Joseph
Judith Kahan
Donald A. Kaplan
Warren Kaplan
Evelyn Karson
Paul and Jerri Karstetter
John Kean
Linda Kean
Mary Kearney
Keedysville Historical Society
Barbara Keller
Keller Stonebraker Insurance, Inc.
Marisol Kenman
George Kennett
Craig R. and Bonnie L. Kern
Michael Kershow and Marianne Keler
Robert H. Kessler
Jerry Kickenson and Kathleen Michels
Roberta Kilduff
John J. and Anne C. Killeen
Tom Kimbis
G. Russell Kincaid
Bonnie Kind
Jack and Julie Koczela
David L. Koeberlein
Kathleen Koehler
Leslie Koo
Trudy Koslow
Jeffrey Kover
Steven Kover
Elliot Scoville Krafsur
Robert Kramer
Caroline Kreiger
Amy Kresge
Joe Kresse
Kathy Krieger
John Krusberg
Melissa Krut
Patty Kuehl
Gail Kulisch
John Kun
Cameron Lane
Douglas W. and Rebecca Massie Lane
Joseph Laukaitis and Lya Karm
Susan Lazarus
Marjorie Leach
Monica Leas
Marilyn Joy Leeseberg
Mary Leibolt
Donald E. and Marjorie A. Lentzen
Bret Leslie and Karen Stern
Elliott P. Levine
Kristal Levine
Richard and Mary Alice Levine
Denise Levitan
Wayne and Vicki Lindgren
Robert and Susan Loewy
Matthew Logan
Eric London
Benjamin Alan Lownik
Allen Loyd
Virginia Luster
Robin Lynn
Brian Mackey
Andrew Macomber
Claudine Maggio
C. Peter Magrath
Shelley Malusky
Louis and Edythe Manza
Norman S. Marks
Kay Marrill
Maryland Charity Campaign
Stephanie L. Mason
Julie Masters
Steven and Andrea Matney
Nancy L. Matthews
Elliot Maxwell
Patricia Mayernik
Alice E. Mayio
Virginia Mayo-Drane and Trala L. Downer
Kieran Mays
Harrison and Alice E. McAlpine
Lindsay McAuliffe
Dennis D. and Diane K. McCarthy
Alan and Heather McCarty
Mirela McDonald
Christine M. McGroarty
William and Diane McGurgan
Michael L. McInnis
David McKibbin
Christine McKinnon
Jacqueline R. McMahon
David P. McMasters
Paul Meehan
Dale and Elizabeth Meers
John D. Meier
Pete and Sue Mekkelson
Calvin and Margaret Meleney
Barry and Susan Merritt
Andrew Metcalf
Erik and Claire Meyers
Marlin E. Meyers
Joseph Kirk Michael
Lissah Michalski
Clyde Miller
Craig and Ilene Miller
Daniel Mills
Doug and Marilyn Mitchell
Star Mitchell
Kathleen Mogelgaard
Jean F. Montgomery
Daniel Moore and Joanne Goodrich
Thomas Moore
Judith B. Morenoff
Dennis E. and Monica Morris
James F. Morris
Alan and Karen Moshel
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Allan Moyer and Nancy Kramer Moyer
Judith Mroczka
John Muller
Cathy Munday
Bruce Musicus
Tom and Katherine Myers
David Mykita and Victoria Commins
Richard and Pamela Nadler
Thomas Nardone and Edith Lam
Darwina L. Neal
Peter Neal and Carolyn Smith
Jane Neff

James and Ann Nelson
Jim Nelson
Carol Nerenberg
Allen and Kathleen Newcomb
Donna Newcomer
John and Barbara Newland
Karen Nordenholz
Esther North
Brad Northrup and Jody Bolz
Ronald S. and Linda F. Nosalik
Mia O’Connell
Jennifer Oehme
Frederick Ohly
Devin Olden
Thomas and Kandra Olsen
John Opitz
Brian Orgen
Jeffery George Orner
Coreta Osborne
Nicholas Panebianco
Mark Pankin
Melissa Pappas
Teressa Papproth
Mary Jo Parrino
Richard and Ann Patch
Don Patterson
Linda J. Paulson
Julie Pavlin
Paypal Giving Fund
Jonathan and Karen Peck
Hal Perez
Sean Perkins
Eric Pfeifer
Hermina Pfeifer and Gerda Keiswetter
Pam and Ray Pfeiffer
Gerald and Janet Pietsch
Jon Pike, DDS and Diana Gaviria, MD
Ron and Patricia Pilling
J. Richard and Martha Pine
Steven G. Pines and Mary G. Thompson
Jon Piper
Michael and Suzanne Pisula
Robert J. and Suzanne E. Plum
David L. and Barbara A. Plume
Jean Poe
Richard W. Pollard
Valerie Pomper
Potomac 10 Questers
Clarissa Potter
Jeff and Ann Powers
John Pringle
Michael and Carolyn Prudich
Stuart Prymas and Melissa Mulreany
Sandra Purohit
Jonathan Putnam
Peter Quinn
Gustav Raggambi
Carol Randell
Richard J. Reed and Susan Zweighaft
John and Terry Reimer
David and Martha Reitman
Rob Renard and Ame Stormer
Lynn Reynolds
William and Ines Rhoads
Ed and Linda Rhodes
John Shipley Rice
Tom and Lori Richichi
Stephen H. and Bette Ries
Hyunho Ro
Robert A. and Marjorie Cohen Robbins
Toni Robinson
Gregory Rockett
Juliet Rodman
Mark and Erika Rolufs
Elisabeth Rood
Mark Alan Rosen
Robert Rotunno and Sabrina Pacifici
Thomas Rozzelle and Susan Fallon
Robert J. and Fran A. Rubin
Rachel Rudy
Sheila Ryan
Niklaus Salafsky and Julia Segre
Charles A. and Donna N. Salcetti
Andre and Talia Sattler
Laurence J. and Catherine M. Sauter, Jr.
Robert Schackmann
Marsha Scherbel
Heidi Glatfelter Schlag
Vern Schrum
Steven Schupak
Edward and Joan Schupp
Kevin Schwartz
Eric Schweitzer
Sumeet Seam
John F. Seitz
Guy and Dana Semmes
Michael Sendar and Louann Sinclair
Thomas Shaffer and Karen Vander Linde
Judith Weil Shanks
William Shaw and Anne Vorce
Sue Shays
Julianne Shinnick
Joe and Julie Siler
Mickie Simpson
Peter Simpson and Penny Mills
Martha Sinclair
Dana G. and Lisa M. Sippel
Renee Sklarew
Larry B. Slagle
Albert H. Small
Janet M. Smith
Susan Smith
Steven Snyder
Mark Sofman
Lee A. and Pamela L. Sollenberger
Lafe E. Solomon
Elaine Southwick
James Spangenberg
William and Stacey Sperow
Martin Spicer
Sarantes and Deborah Spiliotopoulos
Arthur B. Spitzer and Elisabeth K. Boas
Dawn Stallard
Tom and Evelyn Stanford
Dwane Starlin
Edwin and Beverly Stennett
Yale and Elaine Stenzler
Carol Stern
Lawrence Stipek
Harry and Kendall Storm
Janet Stotsky
Grace A. Stover
Sally Strain
Robert Strauss and Miriam Schneider
Walt Stull and Diane Ellis
Glenn Summers
Richard E. and Gloria L. Summers
Philip and Margot Sunshine
Richard Swartzlander
John Sweet
Donald L. and Christine H. Sylvester
Holly Syrrakos
James Patrick Taggart
Christopher Tai
Jeffrey J. Tarbert
Teetsel & Jacobs Charitable Fund
James Thomas and Kimberly Warner O’Malley
Duncan Thomson
John Thornton
Daniel C. Tiedge
Steven and Christine Todd
Lynn S. Todorov
Kenneth and Rachel Towbin
Jane Towler
Fawn Triana
Kenneth and Teresa Troxell
Frederick and Lois Turco
Zachary Twining
United Health
United Way of the National Capital Area
Kenneth A. and Lynn Untied
Dilawar and Lois Uthman
John S. and Kathy K. Uzzo
Matthew Valvano
Alexandra Vance
Thomas Verratti
George and Dorothy Voris
Osborne and Betty Wachter
Dan and Yon Wacker
Adam and Kathleen Wagenbach
Elizabeth Walker
Hilary Walsh
Robert R. and Nadja Ward
David and Debora Warrenfeltz
Kenneth A. Webb
Carl Weichel
Donald L. and Eva L. Weigel, Sr.
Thomas Weil
Laura Weinhold
Harry and Joan C. Weintrob
Deidre Wellwood
Gene M. Wentz
Robert A. Westgate and Fiona Sigalla
Douglas and Heather Wheeler
Masako White
Joshua Tyler Whitman
Amy Wickenheiser
Jarrett Wicklein
Scott Wilets/Wilets Architecture, LLC
Gary A. Wilhelm
Marvin Wilke
Jennifer Williams
Noel Williams
Robert Williamson and Caryl McNeilly
Malcolm Wilson
Ronald Wilson
Steve and Elaine Wishnow
Paul Woods and Johnna Armstrong
Paul Work
David Wright
Margaret Wright
George Wyeth and Julie Greenberg
James T. Yenckel and Sandra L. Lafevre
Kenneth Young
Your Cause, LLC
Steven and Ina Zimmerman
John and Elizabeth Zinner
Carl Zmola
Vasyl W. Zuk and Gloria A. Capik


In memory of Robert Joseph Anderson, Jr.
   Joseph Kirk Michael

In memory of Oveland Asbury
   Marvin Wilke

In memory of Randy Astarb
Family and friends of Randy Astarb

In memory of James D. Cope
Consumer Healthcare Products Association
Jim Cope
James and Karen Johnston
Kenneth A. and Lynn Untied

In memory of Robin Crangle, my life canoe partner
Chan Crangle

In memory of James E. Curfman
David W. Curfman

In memory of William R. Failor
James C. Failor
Robert, Steven, and David Failor
Frederick CTC FFA Alumni Inc.
H. Gerald and Jane S. Guyton
Gerald W. and Doris J. Hiler
Darwina L. Neal
Lee A. and Pamela L. Sollenberger
Glenn Summers
Richard E. and Gloria L. Summers

In memory of Doug Farris and Dick Stanton
Joe Lawler

In memory of Ann Tracy Fisher
Mary Ann Fisher

In memory of Juliet Grant-Suttie
Atalanta T. Grant-Suttie
Francis and Carolyn F. Grant-Suttie
Ogden M. and Roxana I. Reid

In memory of William Curtis Grayson
Family of William Curtis Grayson

In memory of John M. Hartz
Scott Wilets
Wilets Architecture, LLC

In memory of Susan V. Henley
John Krusberg

In memory of Cora and Roy Hoopes
Spencer Hoopes

In memory of Joyce P. Jakubowics
Tom Chappell
Valerie Fernandes
Dan and Anne Handel
Susan Straka Ingard
Roberta Kilduff
Mirela McDonald
Richard and Pamela Nadler
Lillian and Matthew Nolan
Michael C. Nolan

In memory of Nancy Hewitt Katz
Craig Katz

In memory of Philip T. McCusker, Jr.
Jacqueline Nina Davis

In memory of Edward Morenoff
Blechman-Morenoff Foundation

In memory of Hans Muller
John Muller

In memory of Tina Ohly
Frederick Ohly

In memory of George and Betty Orner
Jeffery George Orner

In memory of Jennie and Mason Payne
Jennifer Oehme

In memory of H. Jack Price, Sr.
Jennifer Williams

In memory of Rachel
Sylvia Diss

In memory of Andrew S. Reisse
Robert and Dana Reisse

In memory of Dr. David Ross and Dr. Jay Slotkin
Paul Cohen

In memory of Ed Sanderson
Mark Binsted

In memory of Irene Severson
Marlene J. Severson and
David Cooley

In memory of Samuel Lucas Smith
Susan Smith

In memory of Charles M. Stover
Grace A. Stover

In memory of Tejin Thomas
Vinod and Maria L. Thomas

In memory of Gloria Elizabeth White
Linda White-Weaver

In memory of Wussie, Samantha, Silverado, Pretty Kitty, Diamond, Miss Torti,  Little Eddie, BBC, Cookie, Tootsie, and Boo Boo
Jane Neff


In memory of Randy Astarb
Mile 42.2 – Monocacy Aqueduct by his family and friends

In memory of Hilda Carpenter
Mile 14.4 – Great Falls by her estate

In memory of William Curtis Grayson
Mile 7 – Lock 7 by his family

In honor of Peter Harnick
Mile 3.6 – Capital Crescent Trail by the Trust for Public Land

In honor of Robert Kanchuger
Mile 12.6 – Widewater by his family

In memory of Nancy Hewitt Katz
Mile 7.6 – Cabin John Bridge by his family

In memory of Andrew S. Reisse
Mile 12.3 – Anglers Bridge by his family

In memory of Tejin Rafael Thomas
Mile  5.4 – Lock 6 by his family

In memory of James W. Werner
Mile 12.7 – Widewater by his family


Todd and Tracey Bowman
Community Foundation of Frederick County
Friends of Historic Great Falls Tavern
Guest Services, Inc.
Keller Stonebraker Insurance

Lafayette Federal Credit Union
M&T Bank
Marriott International
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Friends of Historic Great Falls Tavern
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