Towpath Forever

Towpath Forever encourages philanthropy and volunteerism to ensure the towpath and the Park’s historic structures are repaired and kept in good condition; lifelong stewards are created through educational programming; recreational opportunities are enhanced; and the diverse natural resources of the park are preserved.

The Trust has long been focused on raising funds to preserve towpath continuity throughout the 184.5-mile Park and to improve the visitor experience along this key component of Maryland’s transportation trail network. For example, the Trust raised $100,000 to fund the design work to repair a 125-foot breach caused by floodwaters near Old Angler’s in Potomac. At the November 17, 2012, ceremony commemorating the completion of the project, the Trust announced its Towpath Forever Initiative to continue to raise money for the towpath and has been actively doing so. The Towpath Forever Initiative is critical to maintaining the integrity, public enjoyment and connectivity of this important transportation and recreational resource, including major access points, such as the Capital Crescent Trail.

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Top image by Jim Blair